Peer Advising Match Party

Sep 26 2014

On September 25th, 2014, the Peer Advising Matching Party was held by the Office of Academic Affairs. It is the first official event of the Peer Advising Program. For the first time ever at NYU Shanghai, one hundred and thirty-five enthusiastic freshman and sophomore students filled the fifteenth floor.

The event kicked off as Jackie Klein, Assistant Dean of Academic and Global Affairs, introduced David Fitch, Dean of Arts and Sciences. Fitch’s entertaining speech emphasized the importance of student-to-student mentoring and the value of providing incoming freshman students with the firsthand experience of peer advisors who have gone through the challenges of adjusting to college and transitioning into the unique NYU Shanghai community.

Sophomore and peer advisor Juan Carlos Gomez Carrera then led a hilarious game of Family Feud, through which students both demonstrated their knowledge of the peer advising program, and bonded with their respective advisors and advisees.

Academic Advisors Tony Shen, Chenya Song, and Mo Chen discussed the responsibilities of the participants in the program, ensuring that all of the students were aware of the commitment.

The program, based on a student mentoring model, provides the opportunity for new students to connect with and learn from the first class of NYU Shanghai. Freshmen advisees demonstrated a strong interest in receiving support from an academic peer mentor, as Advisee Killian Hauser reflected, “I love the program because all the students who are in it want to spread their experiences and knowledge in the hopes that we, as freshman, can maximize our enjoyment of freshman year. Additionally, it helps to provide a connection with those who already faced things to let us know that we aren’t the only ones who have felt a certain way at one point.”

NYUSH peer advisors are selected as full-time, academically achieving sophomores trained to connect new students with the resources to guide them towards a successful first year at NYU Shanghai. Over the course of the semester, they are required to attend two training sessions, and together with the advisees will participate in one NYU Shanghai-sponsored academic event and one Academic Resource Center workshop or event.

Advisor Zhang Hong reflected on his role, commenting, “My talk with the advisees reminded me of the time when I was a freshman, and I am happy that this time, as a sophomore, I have the chance to be their backing!” 


Photo by Lingyi Liu