Old Dongtai Antique Road

Aug 6 2013

Every weekend, I explore Shanghai with my friends. This weekend, I went to explore “Old Dongtai Antique Road.” The area is not overwhelmingly big but is also not too small that you can spend about an hour or two just walking around and looking at various antiques ranging from Chinese checkers to big Chinese paintings. The place also kind of reminded me of New York City’s street flea markets, where people bring out their antique jewelry or small furniture to sell. 

Old Dongtai Antique Road or the area where the road is located is pretty interesting. People often say Shanghai is the city where the East and the West mingle together to create exotic scenes. They often recommend going to the Former French Concession or the Bund to experience such an interesting interweaving of two cultures; however, I think Old Dongtai Antique Road could be added to that list. There is this area called “Xintiandi (新天地)” not too far from the road; it’s famous for various Western restaurants and stores. 

How do you get there?

Get off at the Line 10 Laoximen (老西门) stop or tell the cab driver, “Wo yao qu Dongtai Lu, Huaihai Gongyuan de difang! (I want to go to Dongtai Road. Huaihai Park area).”

Have fun exploring!

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