NYU Shanghai Welcomes Its First Class

Aug 11 2013

On August 11 the first class of NYU Shanghai walked through the front gate of East China Normal University (ECNU) and were welcomed by a large banner: Welcome Class of 2017.   There are 295 students from 37 countries in the freshman class.  After spending their first year at ECNU the students will move to NYU Shanghai’s new campus in Pudong.

The freshman class at NYU Shanghai includes 150 Chinese students and 145 international students.  The Chinese students are from 10 provinces in China: Anhui, Beijing, Henan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Shanxi, Shandong and Zhejiang.  Approximately 60% of the international students are from the United States and the remaining 40% are from every continent in the world (excepting the Arctic and Antarctic). Several of the international students hold dual nationality.  198 Chinese parents and 80 international parents accompanied their children to Shanghai for the welcoming ceremonies. 

During registration students received welcome bags, met with bank and phone representatives talked with student life representatives, and met many of the staff and administrators. the atmosphere at registration was one of friendship, cooperation, and excitement.

Chancellor Yu Lizhong posted on his Weibo to tell the students that they were making history – and would be the first to create a history for NYU Shanghai.

Yu Dian, an entering student for Zhenzhou in Henan Province, came with his parents.  When he opened his welcome bag, he found the orientation schedule, a T-shirt, a map of Shanghai and an NYU Shanghai key chain.  He was especially excited to shake hands with both Chancellor Yu and Vice Chancellor Lehman.

Yu Dian and his parents traveled 11 hours from their home to Shanghai. After completing the registration formalities, they went to Yu Dian’s dormitory room where he found a towel with the logo of NYU Shanghai on his bed.  He and his parents appreciate the attention to detail that NYU Shanghai has shown.

Sara, an American student from Miami, came to Shangahi with her parents and sisiter. Sarah visited 10 universities and ultimately chose NYU Shanghai for the following reasons, “she loves Shanghai, she likes the integration of Chinese and foreign students, she appreciates the high reputation of NYU, and she wants a completely different life experience.”  Her mother says that Sara is independent and even though it was a big decision to come to Shanghai, she is comfortable with her daughter’s choice.

Photo credits: Ruwen YU/ Xiaolong WU/ Yiming XIA/ Rhine LU