NYU Shanghai Holds Candidate Weekend for Chinese Students

Feb 28 2014

Over the past month, NYU Shanghai opened its campus to prospective students to participate in Candidate Weekends. During these weekends, NYU Shanghai invited candidates from mainland China with strong academic records to participate in a set of activities which evaluated abilities that cannot be communicated through testing or Skype interviews. These activities tested students’ English and critical thinking skills, personality, and global outlook, ultimately ensuring that students who attend NYU Shanghai are not only academically suitable, but are also the right fit for the unique university. NYU Shanghai admissions officers are on hand to evaluate and assess the candidates in action. 

A truly innovative program among higher education admissions in China, NYU Shanghai’s Candidate Weekends reflect the university’s commitment to finding the unique and special candidates who are not only ready to succeed as students, but as global leaders. The holistic approach to admissions also allows students to be judged by more than just their test scores, but by their personality. NYU Shanghai looks for students who are kind, sincere, and ready to explore outside of their comfort zone. These qualities will allow students to thrive in a university environment which challenges them to consider new and different ideas, learn in and outside the classroom, and to be pioneers for a new style of education.