NYU Shanghai Cafeteria Undergoes Menu Transformation

Feb 10 2015

Since the start of the spring semester on January 26, 2015, NYU Shanghai’s B1 Cafeteria has undergone significant changes in response to feedback and expectations from students, faculty, and staff.

With Campus and Facilities now overseeing day-to-day management of the University's dining service vendor, results show more accessible pricing, a wider and healthier variety of options, expanded hours of operation, and a consistent delivery of improved food quality and taste. Students and faculty can now even take their meals to-go.

In a more thorough observance of dietary restrictions within the NYU Shanghai community, the cafeteria aims to include more vegetable proteins, vegan and vegetarian options in both the cafeteria and 2F cafe, and a frozen yogurt and smoothie bar expected to open in March.

Now with five primary food stations, the cafeteria features made-to-order hot and cold deli sandwiches and grilled paninis, made-to-order halal food that includes fresh hand-pulled and hand-cut noodles (open from 10:00am to 9:00pm daily), freshly-made Chinese cuisine reflecting the diverse culinary traditions of the country's many provinces, a fresh and vibrant salad bar with more than 20 items offered daily, and Western-inspired food from throughout the world such as pizza, pasta, lasagna, beef burgers, barbecue chicken, curries, and roasted vegetables.

To promote community involvement in its monthly menu, Campus and Facilities plans to arrange a Menu Steering Committee starting March 2015. Representatives of student government, student life, faculty, and staff will have the collaborative opportunity to bring the cafeteria to life with a plethora of dishes reflecting an even greater, healthier diversity of world cuisine.

Potential weekend operation of the cafeteria will be determined by March student survey results.

“It has been a great honor to take leadership on this project—a true labor of love,” said Associate Director of Operations Keith Kraughto.

Since these recent dining service changes, the University has echoed with positive feedback.

"We have Halal food everyday; I really appreciate the changes," said sophomore student Christopher Zhao.

"The selections and consistency of the salad bar have improved. I eat there everyday, twice a day," added fellow sophomore Mio Bischoff.

Photos: B1 Cafeteria Revamps Menu

Header Photo: Kylee Borger
Article Photos: NYU Shanghai