NYU Shanghai Announces New Leadership Appointments

Jun 9 2023

NYU Shanghai announced the appointments of Nasir Memon as Interim Dean of Computer Science, Data Science, and Engineering, and Pierre Tarrès as Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives, effective September 1.

“We are very fortunate to have these two talented scholars take on these important roles in the academic leadership of NYU Shanghai,” said Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman. “Professor Memon and Professor Tarrès are both widely admired for the insights they have contributed to their respective fields, and we are grateful for their willingness to devote their energies to the ongoing development of our school.”


Currently, Nasir Memon serves as Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Professor of Computer Science at NYU Tandon, and department head of NYU Tandon online, with an affiliated appointment at NYU Courant.

As Interim Dean of Computer Science, Data Science, and Engineering, Memon will lead the school’s academic programs in computer science, data science, and engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and guide students and faculty in those fields as the school continues to develop its curriculum, build its faculty, and operate as a true community of scholars.

Memon said joining NYU Shanghai offers him an opportunity to nurture the next generation of innovative minds, and shape the academic landscape in an international setting. “The unique combination of NYU’s renowned reputation, the dynamism of Shanghai as a global tech hub, and the chance to work with talented faculty and students from diverse backgrounds create a compelling environment for personal and professional growth,” he said.


Pierre Tarrès, who currently serves as a professor of mathematics and co-director of the joint ECNU-NYUSH Joint Research Institute in Mathematics, will be appointed as NYU Shanghai’s new Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives.

In his new role, Tarrès will be responsible for advising on university research strategy, enhancing collaboration across programs and disciplines, and academic oversight of PhD programs, supporting faculty, mentoring junior research faculty, and representing the university in various research fora within and beyond the NYU global network. 

Tarrès said he enjoys working at NYU Shanghai with an incredibly diverse group of colleagues and students from all over the world. “The university is immersed in the vibrant city of Shanghai and the quickly evolving university and research environment in China,” he said.

“We are delighted that Nasir Memon will join us as interim Dean, reinforcing our lines of connection with the relevant schools at NYU in New York. Meanwhile, the appointment of Pierre Tarrès to this new position will bring added scholarly strength and experience to all our research-related initiatives as well as support for more junior faculty,” Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen said.