Nurturing Creative Innovators

Feb 19 2016

True to the saying "How we teach is what we teach," PCI (Program on Creativity + Innovation) is committed to supporting and enhancing creativity and innovative growth within the NYU Shanghai community. Including creative workshops and pop-up classes featuring NYU professors and others around the global network, PCI provides a broad range of educational encounters designed through a series of weekly events. It is a sacred space where anyone at NYU Shanghai can delve into a stream of knowledge, ideas, and skills as a resource for personal development and creative endeavors.

Enter the open, informal and transformative LiveLab space--often rearranged or written on (the plus side with washable walls and tables). Here is where PCI offers Concept Clinic on Wednesdays, where students, faculty and staff are welcome to toil inspiredly away on ideas and projects.

Thursday’s Innovation Roundtable enriches with a weekly discussion forum on innovation-related topics, while Design Lab on Fridays features weekly lectures, workshops and design-centric activities.

An experimental Life In Motion workshop will merge choreography of movement and creativity of thought, and periodic meetings of Room for Writing provide the perfect haven for carving out much needed time on writing projects.

PCI will also bring the Spring 2016 edition of Barcamp, an Assistive Technology Workshop, and a Bosch Hackathon, not to mention an Urban Garden Project to activate outside space at NYU Shanghai as a community exploration of urban agriculture, sustainable technologies, and green businesses.

Look forward to new full-length courses on creativity in historical and cross-cultural contexts; the modern history of people making things--from the advent of mass production, through supply chain management, the maker movement, and robotics--stories of local entrepreneurs, and design thinking applied to business, interactive media arts, engineering, and more.