Light A Lantern For Wuhan: Students Launch Fundraising Drive for People of Wuhan and Hubei

wuhan jiayou
Feb 7 2020

SHANGHAI, FEBRUARY 7 - Student organizers today called upon the greater NYU community to come together and raise funds to help the people of the city of Wuhan and province of Hubei whose lives have been affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

An anonymous friend of NYU Shanghai has challenged the greater NYU community – students, faculty, staff from all 3 portal campuses and 12 Study Away Sites - to raise US$30,000/ 210,000 RMB for organizations working to provide relief to Wuhan.  If NYU meets that target, they will boost the NYU community’s contribution by another US$20,000/140,00RMB.

Organizers are calling the fundraiser the "Light a Lantern for Wuhan" Challenge.  “In Chinese culture, the lighting of a lantern symbolizes hope and a new beginning.  We all can do our part to bring hope and assistance to the people of Wuhan,” said Amy DeCillis ’20, an American from Charlotte, North Carolina, who has decided to ride out the epidemic and complete her semester in Shanghai. 

“So many of us have had our lives disrupted by the virus,” the anonymous donor, an American, said. “But the disruption doesn't come close to the disruption and suffering that the people of Wuhan and Hubei have had to go through.  We should take a moment to remember them and to find ways to help.”

“It’s our responsibility as a community to remind others that rather than fearing or shaming those who are sick, or those who simply come from Wuhan, we should rally and support all those who have been affected,” DeCillis said.

Though organizers have identified a few organizations, including Give2Asia and the Shanghai Charity Foundation, community members are encouraged to donate to any organization they choose that is performing relief work in Wuhan. Once they make their donations, they can submit their donation receipts online for tallying against the donor’s challenge.    

Already, students such as Leon Ding ’22 and Michael Liu ’22 have raised some 91,000 RMB (US$13,000) from 404 individual donors.  “I believe it’s the very time to stay united, to make changes, and to feel the misery of others,” said Liu, who is from Beijing and president of the Student Government.

“Alone, I can barely make a substantive contribution to fight against this epidemic, but if we can gather everyone together to help, then maybe we can make difference,” said Ding, a native of Cixi, Zhejiang province.  

To learn more or make a contribution, click here