Inaugural Classes of NYU Shanghai - NYU Stern Global Master's Programs Arrive in NYC

stern group photo
Jun 21 2019

48 students from around the world arrived in New York on June 3 to begin their coursework in two new one-year master's programs offered jointly by NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern. The programs in Quantitative Finance and in Data Analytics & Business Computing will prepare new and recent college graduates for successful careers in the rapidly evolving marketplaces of analytics and finance in China and Asia.

Students in the inaugural classes come from diverse backgrounds, with undergraduate degrees earned from colleges in Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. One quarter are entering the programs with an average of three years of prior work experience, in industries such as accounting, banking, communications, education, energy, entertainment, and the life sciences.

The programs entail 12 months of full-time study in two global hubs, starting with a summer semester at NYU Stern in New York City followed by fall and spring semesters in China at NYU Shanghai.


Assistant Dean of Graduate and Advanced Education at NYU Shanghai Eric Mao greets the inaugural one-year master’s programs cohorts


“These programs showcase the strengths in business education that both NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern are known for,” said Eric Mao, Assistant Dean of Graduate and Advanced Education at NYU Shanghai. “Our inaugural cohorts make up an elite group with widespread career interests. Their pioneering spirit and intellectual curiosity will set a standard for future classes.”

“The students will not just learn from excellent faculty at NYU Stern and NYU Shanghai but will also get to experience these two great cities through academic and non-academic extracurricular activities” said Rohit Deo, Director of NYU Stern-NYU Shanghai graduate programs.

During the three-month summer term at NYU Stern, students will engage in six courses taught by Stern faculty. Courses will cover topics such as Python programming and Statistics in the Data Analytics program, and Emerging Markets Finance and Corporate Finance in the Quantitative Finance program.

“After only three weeks, I am nothing but glad that I joined this program,” said Gary Zhang from the Quantitative Finance program. “I am not only amazed by the professors' expertise, but also their ability to conduct extremely engaging lectures.”

“I plan on working in Asia for the rest of my life, and this program offers a great transition that allows such planning to be carried out smoothly,” added Zhang. “I am quite excited about studying in Shanghai, as I have never done so before. Having always studied economics and finance within the Western context, I know that having more exposure to the local market can only be beneficial.”



At the end of August, students will head to NYU Shanghai for the fall and spring semesters, where they will complete coursework in FinTech, Data Driven Decision Making, and a culminating capstone project.

“There’s so much to look forward to when you get the chance to experience two amazing cities while acquiring skills in the growing field of data analytics,” said Phionna Teo, a student in the Data Analytics & Business Computing program.

“I hope to apply the skills I have acquired through this program, alongside with my qualitative training in Anthropology, to the growing field of Human Resource Analytics and draw from this multi-disciplinary perspective to solve human resource-related problems," Teo said. "To be able to learn so much in a mere year and even apply the knowledge to a real-world context through the capstone project, is truly exciting."



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