GoGreen Week: The Art of Sustainability

Apr 12 2016

How do other species sense the world? NYU Shanghai’s artist in residence Kat Austen takes environmental research to a new dimension with the Coral Empathy Device - a multi-sensory art installation that invites humans to think about their impact on the sea.

Using a dome to obliterate the visual, the installation employs sound, pressure, texture and smell to translate the sensation of marine pollution, as experienced by coral in the marine environment, into a relatable human experience on terra firma.

It’s dark, it’s fishy, it feels a little suffocating - maybe that’s what coral would say if asked #WhatsYourEnvironment?

After the presentation, Austen invited students to explore how they could add sound to their own projects by creating speakers from everyday objects.

This event was held as part of GoGreen Week, a NYU Shanghai student-led initiative that aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainable solutions, and inspire others to take action. The initiative is a collaboration between Green Shanghai and Animal Rights and Herbivores Society.

View gallery here.