Gift from Ministry of Education

Sep 24 2014

Interim Library Director Charling Fagan and Director of Campus and Facilities David Yen represented NYU Shanghai at a briefing session held at the Ministry of Education in Beijing on September 22nd and 23rd, 2014.

NYU Shanghai is one of the 140 Chinese institutions selected by the Ministry of Education to receive a valuable collection of Chinese classics in its entirety. At a cost of $3,800,000 RMB, Reproductions of Chinese Rare Classics (Zhonghua zaizao shanben) is the culmination of a six-year effort on the part of the Chinese government to reproduce and make more widely accessible the finest and earliest editions of Chinese classics. Phase one consists of works from the Tang, Song, Jin, and Yuan dynasties and totals 9,100 titles.  Phase two is underway and will consist of works from the Ming and Ching dynasties. The Ministry of Education hopes that these quality reproductions will not only serve to preserve the literary heritage of China but allow students and scholars to consult these rare volumes in the setting of their own academic institutions.