NYU Shanghai Unveils "Gao and Xia Classroom"

May 9 2015

On May 8, 2015, Qi Gao (Head of the Creative Center at the Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute) and wife Nannan Xia arrived at NYU Shanghai to take part in a classroom naming and plaque unveiling ceremony held to recognize their contributions to the University. Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman and Director of Development Rime Sun represented NYU Shanghai on this occasion.

Gao and Xia’s son, Yang Gao, graduated from NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences in New York. As parents of an NYU alumnus in China, Gao and Xia were involved with NYU Shanghai during its planning phases, lending the school their generous support throughout its development journey. In appreciation for their contributions, NYU Shanghai designated a 20-person classroom the "Gao and Xia Classroom."

The couple, proud of their son’s academic experiences at NYU, witnessed firsthand how NYU’s global network expanded Gao's horizons. Not only did Gao graduate with irreplaceable memories of his time in school, his experiences at NYU also formed a crucial chapter of personal growth. It is the pair's hope that their contributions will enable more outstanding students from China and around the world to study at NYU Shanghai and benefit from NYU’s vision of a truly global education. Gao and Xia are among the first individuals to contribute their time and energy to NYU Shanghai, an act that will hopefully encourage more members of the community to get involved in the greater NYU family.