NYU Shanghai Global Academic Fellows Present Winter Fellowship Projects

Mar 14 2015

On March 13, 2015, NYU Shanghai Global Academic Fellows (GAFs) convened in the University gallery space to present posters on their Winter Fellowship Projects—a personal or professional research opportunity that contributes to the intellectual life or future development of NYU Shanghai and the GAF Program.

Supportive and curious faculty, staff, and students circulated the room with questions and conversation on various projects ranging from art, technology, and writing to research and critical analysis of issues in society and higher education.

The GAF group showcased projects varying from mathematical mobile apps, 3D printing topography, photography darkrooms, athletics, and migrant workers—adding a unique dimension to their contributions to NYU Shanghai.

"The diversity shows how GAFs' individual passions and creativity bring so much to enrich the NYU Shanghai community,” said Director of Academic Resources Diane Geng.

The Winter Fellowship Project provided a distinctive opportunity in experiencing how GAFs are involved in more than their daily academic support roles as mentors, tutors, writing consultants, and study group leaders to students in the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

GAF Poster Topics:

  • Maxi-Ann Campbell - Language Choice and Academic Success at International Universities
  • dANIEL cUESTA - Photography Darkroom Initiative
  • Charlotte Evans - Investigating Service Learning Curricula in an International Higher Education Context
  • Cameron French - Speaking Across the Global Network University
  • Christopher Ivanovitch - A Migratory Niche: Shanghai’s Seen but Unseen Recyclers
  • Adrianna Katsimpalis - ARC Reading Support Curriculum
  • Rebecca Rosek - Situating the Academic Resource Center: Learning Centers and Tutoring Models in Asia
  • Jessica Tattersall - The Modern Day Impact of Cultural Revolution Propaganda Art
  • Alina Zhu - Study Strategies & Undergraduate Student-led Initiatives
  • Tyler Browse - What and Where is China's Favorite Food? An Investigation using Dazhong Dianping
  • Gloria Lee - Dress Ensemble, Mug, and Printed Cloth - Designs Inspired by Differences between AP and Shanghai Gaokao Curricula
  • Joe Wu - How Can Princeton’s Integrative Science Curriculum Inspire the Growth of NYU Shanghai’s FoS Program?
  • Francesca Goodstein - Athletics at NYU Shanghai
  • Nishant Mohanchandra - Procedural Image Manipulation Using Voronoi Diagrams and Matrix Algebra
  • Benjamin Xie - A Brief of Issues to Overcome in Applying Spectrograms to Tonal Visualization
  • Stephen Bates - 3D Printing Topology: Can I Hold 4 Dimensions in My Hands?
  • Bryant Feng - Public Trading of Asian Metro Corporations
  • Krisztian Kovacs - Measuring Mindfulness
  • Yiming Zhang - Liberal Arts Education in Early Modern China
  • Joshua Borja - it’s the quiet brightness: a fiction project
  • Xiaohua Liu - Building Mobile Apps for Education in Mathematics
  • Hashem Al-Hadid - Net Metering System: Become an Entrepreneur in Solar Energy in the Middle East
  • Chenjie Huang - A Guidebook of Shanghai
  • Eunjae So - Risk Analysis: Barclays and China Construction Bank
  • Ziye Wang -High School Students’ Expectations of University and Current NYUSH Students’ Satisfaction

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Article and photo by Charlotte San Juan