Finding Internships

May 6 2013

(Photo Via: CNN)

NYU Shanghai holds an internship fair during orientation week for students that are looking for internship opportunities.

…which means it is pretty important for you to bring a nice, professional suit or some kind of formal clothing if you are planning to attend the internship fair here in Shanghai. (They don’t tell you this during the pre-departure orientation.)

So before this internship fair, you have to…

  1. Attend an internship fair orientation the day before the actual internship fair. You’ll be given a list of companies that will be attending the fair and some basic tips about how you are supposed to act during the interview.
  2. Look through the companies that are on your list, and visit their websites if they have one. It’ll be pretty helpful if you know some stuff about the companies before you go for your interviews.
  3. Prepare a few copies of your resume. Don’t worry about finding a printer because they have printers in NYU Shanghai’s computer lab in the academic center.

Good luck on your interviews!

Hi. My name is Stacy and I spent a semester in NYU in Shanghai. love travelling. I am in love with Yoga. I love eating Sushi. When I am stressed, I put a spoonful of Wasabi on a White Tuna Sushi. I love my family and friends. And I love writing about bits and pieces about my sometimes exciting and sometimes tedious life. Hope you all enjoy Shanghai and I know y'all have tons of exciting days ahead.