88 Study Away Students Arrive for Fall Semester 2023

Sep 8 2023

88 students from nine countries joined NYU Shanghai’s Study Away Program this fall semester, doubling the number of study away students in the spring semester, after the program was resumed following COVID-19 pandemic-related disruptions.

“It's exciting to see another cohort of study away students,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs David Pe at the University Welcome. He advised students to “re-center themselves” and “stretch themselves” during their time at NYU Shanghai, and view their academic experience from a new lens.  

Taylah Castle NYU ’24, an International Relations major with a minor in Chinese Studies, was among the newcomers attending the University Welcome. She said that being part of the Study Away Program helped her to settle into her life in Shanghai, ”I think it lessened the overwhelming aspects, because being with friends has helped–we're all experiencing it together," she said. Even after studying Chinese for two years, she said going to shop for groceries at a local shop was a bit of a culture shock for her. “It was very colorful and there were a lot of people, so I can practice my Mandarin,” she said.


Study Away students joined a day trip to Zhujiajiao water town as part of their NYU Shanghai orientation. 

 Student leaders from the Study Away Program picked up students at the airport and helped them move into their dorm rooms. The newly arrived study away students went through orientation activities aimed at familiarizing themselves with NYU Shanghai resources and learning how to navigate their life in China. The Study Away Program has organized many activities to enhance the students academic and cultural experiences throughout the semester. City tours, day trips, and hands-on workshops will allow students to step off campus and learn more about Shanghai and Chinese culture and history. 

Zhejiang native Evaine Sun NYU ’25 is a Study Away student from Tandon School of Engineering beginning her second study away semester. “Spending time at NYU Shanghai is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel there is a lot to be continued and I want to experience more,” she said.

 Last semester Sun served as Site Ambassador for Shanghai and now serves as a Study Away program assistant this semester. During orientation she led 11 Study Away students on a walking tour of Yu Garden in Shanghai’s Old Town area. Sun encouraged her fellow students to explore the city on their own, and said she hopes she can help them get used to life here. 


Left: Study Away program assistants (from left to right): Anita Aravena ‘23, Rebecca Zhao ’26, Evaine Sun NYU ’25, and Jane Wu NYU ’24 welcome new students at campus; Right: Evaine Sun (first from the right) led a Shanghai city tour to Yu Garden as part of orientation.

 Landon Thomas NYU ’24 majors in East Asian Studies with a minor in Chinese is entering his second semester as a study away student at NYU Shanghai. “Even coming from a diverse city like New York, I find that in Shanghai I meet people from places, and walks of life that I would never meet back home,” he said. Thomas added that his understanding of US-China relations has deepened during his time at NYU Shanghai. “I feel that my perspectives have been changed and expanded just through living here, [through] making Chinese friends, and learning about personal experiences rather than just government relations.”

 Danial Tajwer NYUAD ’24 said he is happy to be able to finally set foot in Shanghai this fall after a two-year delay due to the pandemic.

“Everywhere you go, you become a new person. The space shapes you and you shape the space,” he said. “I'm excited to see what kind of person I’d become in this new space.”