NYU Shanghai Students win awards at 2015 Higher-Ed Makers Exhibition

Sep 25 2015

Sunday September 20 - One of NYU Shanghai’s five teams, competing with students from other local universities at the 2015 Higher-Ed Makers Exhibition, won first prize for its project, DANCING ORIGAMI. Also, the teams behind the SYNTH and HANABI projects tied for third place.

In addition, the student teams got to present all their entries to Ying Yong, Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai; Zhou Bo, Vice Major of Shanghai; and Yang Jianrong, Party Secretary of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. 

The five projects – four from Interactive Media Arts and one fielded by the iGEM team – included DANCING ORIGAMI, paper cranes that dance to the beat of music; CITY EXPLORATION, a game that asks trivia about three major cities; LASER HARP, an electronic musical instrument made of light sensors; HANABI, digital fireworks “on the Bund"; and SYNTH, a tool that uses computer processing to explore the biological-technology interface. Antonius Wiriadjaja, Assistant Arts Professor accompanied his students for the weekend event. Christian Grewell, Adjunct Assistant Arts Professor, was also on hand.

The Higher-Ed Makers Exhibition, held at the Shanghai Science Hall, attracted a lot of visitors and featured overall fifteen teams from local universities, including Fudan University and East China Normal University.  It was part of a series of events designed to raise awareness of the sciences during National Science Promotion Day. The exhibition was jointly sponsored and organized by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.