NYU printing

NYU Shanghai maintains two separate printing services:

The Local NYU Shanghai Printing Service (NYUSH-PudongCampus-PRINTERS; Color/Black and White) is for the use of both faculty and students. All multi-function printers in the dormitories and the academic building are equipped to use this service. Scan, photocopy, and fax services are also available through this system.

The Global NYU Printing Service (NYU_Print_Service_Shanghai; Black and White Only) is exclusive for students. Printers equipped to use this service can only be found in the Library printing room (Room 406).

Instructions for installation and use can be found below. If you have any questions, or if you require installation support, please see the IT front desk at Room 427, or send a ticket to

NYUSH-PudongCampus-PRINTERS (Color/Black & White) (Faculty and Students)

Downloading and installing printer driver

Library Printers (Black & White Only) (Students Only)

Downloading and installing printer driver

How to print

NYUSH-PudongCampus-PRINTERS (Color/Black & White) (Faculty and Students)

NYU_Print_Service_Shanghai (Black & White Only) (Students Only)


For users who have special printing needs such as 3D and plotter printing, please see the Research and Instructional Technology (RITS) group. You can reach out to RITS by sending an email to