How to Embrace the Information Revolution

Investing in information technology is one of the best ways to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the future, says Enric Junqué de Fortuny, assistant professor of information systems and business analytics at NYU Shanghai.  His advice for business professionals: focus on learning how to interpret information rather than pursuing the rapid changes of technology.

Changes within the Information Revolution have already altered many facets of society-- how we spend money, communicate, how we date, how we form relationships and even how we conduct business. Future professionals are faced with the question of how to adapt to this ever-changing reality and how to face these complex innovations with confidence over fear. He believes the solution is to be familiar with interpreting information instead of trying to master the latest complex technology.

“We need to think about how these new technologies change data consumption patterns, how they change our organization’s information capabilities, and what value the actual information then brings to our business.”

The ability to think outside of the box is essential in organizing and interpreting information data, which will strengthen the ultimate competitive advantage. “It is my belief that with proper training in IT, you can become one of those future business leaders, able to look beyond the veil cast by complex technology upon the brave new world that we are to become. ”

Enric Junqué de Fortuny is a member of the Center for Business Education and Research (CBER) at NYU Shanghai, which aims to promote innovative research on China-related business and to inspire academic collaboration among industry leaders, business faculty and students.



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