Combining Theory and Practice

Lan Ma

Lan Ma, adjunct professor of management at NYU Shanghai, teaches Business Consulting in China, an elective course for senior business students that aims to increase experiential learning so that the theories and tools learned in class are applicable to real life experience. The project-based course teaches students about consulting processes and frameworks, and simultaneously applies the curriculum to actual consulting projects for companies.

With over twenty years’ experience with companies like Procter & Gamble, McKinsey and DuPont, Ma believes these skills are important to have, regardless of a student’s major. “Business consulting is a good entry job for new graduates to explore various industries and types of jobs,” she says.

Other than teaching, Ma currently also does consulting work for companies and conducts corporate trainings on business topics. She even started her own lifestyle brand. “I found my entrepreneurial pursuit very challenging yet very exciting. It again gives me the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience to a real start-up company.”

Lan Ma is the Adjunct Professor of Management in NYU Shanghai Business as well as a member of the Center for Business Education and Research (CBER) at NYU Shanghai, which aims to promote innovative research on China-related business and to inspire academic collaboration among industry leaders, business faculty and students.




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