Dance for Camera

Sep 8 2017
Written by NYU Shanghai

Artist and choreographer Aly Rose has released a series of videos created in conjunction with the NYU Shanghai dance program and three leading art spaces in Shanghai.

Dance for Camera features Rose's dance and choreography students performing among the artworks at the ShanghART Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Long Museum, and in the West Bund Art Center, at times alongside professional dancers.

Drawing inspiration from the architecture of the venues as well as the art therein, Rose creates a platform for choreographic storytelling and creative expression.

In 'The Turning Point', recorded at the Long Museum and in the West Bund Art Center, the dancers perform among the bare concrete columns of the former industrial building.

“Coupled with former US President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 ‘Crisis of Confidence’ speech it adds an exploration of the role of institution in relation to the individual,” says Rose.

Her choreography for 'Blackfish + Black Wave' takes inspiration from the tiny strokes that make up Hu Liu’s installation 'Dark Wave', which was on view at the ShanghART Gallery in May.

"Likewise, In our dance, we use small gestures and movements … incrementally rippling out into this grand finale," she explains.

For Rose, performance is part of students’ learning process: “Being on stage is transformational,” she says. “Performances also serve as a bridge to engage in dialogue with the local community ... and provide exceptional experiences for students to gain recognition and future work.”

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