Fire Safety

Fire Safety
Fire Safety

How to React a Fire

Please remember RACE during fire

Rescue -- Rescue people in immediate danger;

Alert -- Pull fire alarm, dial emergency phone number;

Contain -- Close all doors and windows;

Evacuate/Extinguish -- Evacuate building, extinguish small fire.

What is A Fire Alarm

It is the policy of NYU Shanghai when smoke or fire is discovered, fire alarm must be sounded. The fire alarm consists of the sounding of rounds of a coded signal and broadcast. There is no code to indicate if an alarm signifies a drill or an actual fire emergency.

How to Report a Fire

If you discover or suspect a fire:

Press the nearest fire alarm button

Call Public Safety at 021-2059-5500

Call 119

How to Evacuate

Upon hearing the alarm, everyone must exit buildings through the nearest exit quickly and calmly from the stairway.

Follow the Exit Signage and Evacuation Chart posted in every room and corridor.

How Fires Start

Fire is a chemical reaction involving rapid oxidation or burning of a fuel, which needs four elements.

How to Evacuate

Take any one of these factors away, and fire cannot occur or will be extinguished if already burning.

Usually, HEAT is prohibited for fire safety. Smoking or burning is not allowed anywhere in the building including washroom or staircase.

How to Use Fire Extinguisher

A portable fire extinguisher should ONLY be used in the early stages of a fire and only when it is safe to do so. Always fight a fire with your back to your escape route. If necessary, do not hesitate to use the extinguisher to clear an escape path.

IMPORTANT: Choose the correct class of extinguisher for the fire situation. Never fight a fire alone.

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