Wujun Ke

June Ke
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow for Global Perspectives on Society (GPS)


June (Wujun) Ke is a film and media scholar and a GPS Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai who specializes in contemporary Sinophone cinemas, theories of temporality, and documentary ethics. Her research examines the mediation of traditional Chinese thought as well as representations of rural life in contemporary visual culture. She is interested in the diverse and pluralistic temporalities found in documentaries, films, and social media and their relationship to narratives of the nation-state. She has also co-curated an exhibition, Walking China: Stories yet to be told at NYU Shanghai’s ICA, programmed sets for the Viet Film Festival, written for scholarly and public audiences, and led study abroad programs for NSLI-Y in China and Taiwan. 


Select Publications

  • “Daoist Cinematic Temporality and the Taiwanese New Wave” in Coming to Terms with Timelessness: Daoist Time in Comparative Perspective (ed. Livia Kohn). Three Pines Press, November 2021.

  • “Time Traveling with Your Uncle Gem,” Los Angeles Review of Books – China Channel, February 28, 2020.



  • PhD
    University of California, Irvine 


Research Interests

  • Sinophone Film

  • Rural China

  • Visual Culture 

  • Oral History 

  • Cultural Heritage