Stavros Didakis

Stavros Didakis
Associate Arts Professor of IMA (Interactive Media Arts)

Stavros Didakis is an international artist, researcher, and academic. He works in creating interactions, systems and installations, and challenging preconceptions and speculations on possible technological futures with practices that merge the disciplines of computational media, Internet of Things, as well as sonic, visual, and interactive art. His current research focuses on the development on architectural augmentations and inhabitant personalization, exploring sensorial interfaces and technological frameworks as extensions of human environments. Stavros has won grants and awards in creative technologies, has exhibited his interactive works on international exhibitions and biennale, and has made numerous publications in conferences, journals, and books.


Select Publications

  • Didakis, S. (2018) “Computationally-Enhanced Ecologies,Organisms, and Parasites. Speculative Explorations of Symbiotic Oscillations”, in Media Architecture Biennale 2018, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (CN)
  • Didakis, S. (2018) “Micro, Meso, & Macro Data Collection & Analysis as a Method for Speculative & Artistic Exploration”, in Politics of The Machines, EVA, Copenghagen (DK)
  • Didakis, S. (2016) “The Search for DomoNovus”, in International Symposium on Electronic Arts, ISEA2016 (HK)
  • Didakis, S. (2016) “Scrapping Invisible Matter; Atoms and Sensor Technologies”, in Leonardo, MIT Press (Cambridge, MA)
  • Didakis, S. (2015) “Hex Space: Domestic Environments and Personalization”, in Hybrid City: Data to the People (Athens, GR)



  • PhD, Media Art & Technology
    University of Plymouth
  • MA, Interface Cultures
    Kunst Universitat
  • MA, Sonic Arts
    Queen's University

Research Interests

  • Computational Media
  • Interactive Art
  • Media Architecture

Courses Taught

  • Communications Lab
  • Media Architecture