Siye Tao

Siye Tao
Assistant Arts Professor

Siye Tao is an Assistant Arts Professor at NYU Shanghai. She holds a Master’s degree of Dance Performance and a B.A. of Choreography from Minzu University of China, Beijing.

Professor Tao’s research interests are Chinese folk dance and stage performance. She has focused on Chinese folk dance for more than ten years, such as traditional Tibetan Dance, Mongolian Dance, Uygur Dance, Korean Dance, Dai (an ethnic minority group in Yunnan, China) Dance and Chinese Classical Dance, and so on. Professor Tao has participated in various dance performances in different large-scale occasions, such as Avignon (France) Theater Festival, Beijing Modern Dance Festival, Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, D Dance Stage of the First Shanghai Modern Dance Show, etc.

Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, she was a part-time Chinese folk dance teacher in the Department of Music of Hebei Minzu Normal University and Further Study Class of Dance College of MUC. When she was a visiting student in Taiwan, she was the dance instructor in the work Landscape and produced the work Rose in the annual show of School of Dance, Taiwan Chinese Culture University (2016). She was also a dance director in the themed gala Poetry China, Dream Hainan of Hainan Channel (2017). Professor Tao was a first prize winner of traditional Korean dance One Sound of Love in Choreography Contest in Dance College of MUC.


  • MA, Dance Performance
    Minzu University of China