Shengkui Ye

Shengkui Ye (叶圣奎)
Undergraduate Coordinator of Mathematics, Associate Professor of Practice in Mathematics

Shengkui Ye is an Undergraduate Coordinator of Mathematics and an Associate Professor of Practice in Mathematics at NYU Shanghai. Peviously, he was a Simons Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, he was a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. His research lies in topology and geometric group theory. In particular, he is interested in group actions on manifolds and non-positively curved spaces.  

Select Publications

  • Shengkui Ye, “Symmetries of flat manifolds, Jordan property and the general Zimmer program“, Journal of the London Mathematical Society. Volume 100, Issue 3 (2019) 1065-1080
  • Shengkui Ye, “Euler characteristics and actions of automorphism groups of free groups”, Algebraic & Geometric Topology. 18 (2018) 1195–1204
  • Shengkui Ye, “Low-dimensional representations of matrix groups and group actions on CAT(0) spaces and manifolds”, Journal of Algebra. 409 (2014) 219-243
  • Shengkui Ye, “A unified approach to the plus-construction, Bousfield localization, Moore spaces and zero-in-the-spectrum examples”. Israel Journal of Mathematics. 192 (2012) 699-717


  • PhD, Mathematics
    National University of Singapore
  • BSc, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
    Harbin Institute of Technology

Research Interests

  • Geometric Group Theory
  • Matrix Group Actions on Manifolds