Li Li

Li Li
Associate Professor of Neural Science and Psychology, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Associate Professor, NYU
Office Phone
86 (21) 20595106

Li Li is an Associate Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at NYU Shanghai; Global Network Associate Professor, NYU.  Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, she was an Associate Professor of Psychology at The University of Hong Kong. She holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from Brown (US), an MA in Cognitive Psychology from Stony Brook University (US), and a BS in Psychology from Peking University (China).

Professor Li’s research interests include human perception and control of self-motion, visuomotor control, eye-hand coordination, and virtual reality. Her work has appeared in Psychological Science, Journal of Neurophysiology, Journal of Vision, and IEEE journals.

Professor Li is an Action Editor for Perception and i-Perception (Sage) and on the Editorial Board of Displays (Elsevier).

Selected Publications

  • Niehorster, D.C., Siu, W.W.F., & Li, L.* (accepted pending minor revision). Manual tracking enhances smooth pursuit eye movements. Journal of Vision.
  • Field, D.*, Inman, L.A., & Li, L.* (In press). Visual processing of optic flow and motor control in the human posterior cingulate sulcus. Cortex.
  • Li, L.*, & Niehorster, D.C. (2014). Influence of optic flow on the control of heading and target egocentric direction during steering toward a goal. Journal of Neurophysiology,112(4), 766-777.
  • Niehorster, D.C.*, Peli, E., Haun, A., & Li, L.* (2013). Influence of hemianopic visual field loss on visual motor control. PLoS ONE 8(2): e56615. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0056615.
  • Li, L.*, & Cheng, J.C.K. (2013). Visual strategies for the control of steering toward a goal. Displays 34, 97-104.


  • PhD, Cognitive Science
    Brown University
  • MA, Cognitive Psychology
    Stony Brook University