Kyle Muntz

Kyle Muntz
Clinical Assistant Professor, Writing Program, NYU Shanghai

Kyle Muntz is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Writing Program at NYU Shanghai. He is the author of "The Pain Eater" (Clash Books, 2022) and "Scary People" (Eraserhead Press, 2015). His short fiction has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, Fiction International, and elsewhere in print and online. In 2016 he received an MFA in prose from the University of Notre Dame; that year, he was also the winner of the Sparks Prize for short fiction. Previously he held positions at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Shandong University, where he taught courses in literature and fiction writing. 



  • MFA, Prose
    University of Notre Dame



Research Interests

  • Contemporary Literature 
  • Realism, Style and Characterization
  • Paraliterary Genres 
  • Creative Nonfiction

Courses Taught

  • Perspectives on the Humanities 
  • Writing as Inquiry