Jing Wang

Jing Wang
Assistant Professor of Interactive Media Business

Jing Wang is an Assistant Professor of Interactive Media Business (IMB). She received her PhD from the School of Information and Communication at Rutgers University. Dr. Wang is interested in how communication technologies reshape business practices, corporate-government relations, and people’s everyday life. Her recent work studies digital innovation in consumer finance with a focus on the platforms, interfaces, and policy environments of fin-tech products. Dr. Wang has worked with the IT corporations and policy executives in China to promote innovations by and for the public. She has also been invited to comment on The China Business News and China Global TV Network. Before joining NYU, Dr. Wang taught at Tulane University in Louisiana.

Select Publications

  • Wang, J. (2020). “The Party Must Strengthen Its Leadership in Finance!”: Digital Technologies and Financial Governance in China's Fintech Development. The China Quarterly
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0305741020000879
  • Wang, J. (2020). Fin-tech. In Borch, C. & Wosnitzer, R. Eds. Routledge Handbook of Critical Finance Studies 
  • Wang, J. (2018). From aperture satellite to Internet finance: Institutionalization of ICTs in China’s financial industries since 1991. Telecommunications Policy, (42)7:566-574
  • Wang, J. (2018). Inclusion or expulsion: digital financial technologies and socio-technical formations in China's Internet finance. Communication and the Public. 3(1): 34-45
  • Wang, J. (2017). “Stir-frying” Internet finance: Financialization and the institutional role of business and financial news in China. International Journal of Communication, (2017)11: 581-602
  • “金融科技的三个要点”《第一财经》(“The Three Pillars of Fin-techs”. China Business News, February 28, 2018)



  • PhD, Information and Communication Studies
    Rutgers University
  • MA, Media, Culture, and Communication
    New York University

Research Interests

  • Media Studies
  • Science, Technology, and Society (STS)
  • Sociology of Finance
  • Institutions

Courses Taught

  • Understanding Financial Technology
  • Capstone Studio - Interactive Media Arts/Interactive Media Business