Chen Zhao

Chen Zhao
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Chen Zhao is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at NYU Shanghai. He is also affiliated with the Center for Data Science at New York University. He was a postdoctoral researcher at New York University, mentored by Prof. Kyunghyun Cho and Prof. He He. He received Ph.D. at the University of Maryland, College Park, advised by Prof. Jordan Boyd-Graber and Prof. Hal Daumé III. 

Professor Zhao’s main research interest is in natural language processing, in which the goal is to equip intelligent agents with reasoning capacities and make them reliable and robust in real scenarios.


Select Publications

  • Zhao, C., Su, Y., Pauls, A., & Platanios, E. A.  Bridging the generalization gap in text-to-SQL parsing with schema expansion. ACL 2022.
  • Zhao, C., Xiong, C., Rosset, C., Song, X., Bennett, P., & Tiwary, S. (2020). Transformer-xh: Multi-evidence reasoning with extra hop attention. ICLR 2020.
  • Zhao, C., Xiong, C., Boyd-Graber, J., & Daumé III, H. (2021). Distantly-supervised evidence retrieval enables question answering without evidence annotation. EMNLP 2021.
  • Zhao, C., Xiong, C., Qian, X., & Boyd-Graber, J. . Complex factoid question answering with a free-text knowledge graph. WWW 2020.



  • PhD, Computer Science
    University of Maryland, College Park

  • BEng, Computer Science
    Zhejiang University


Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing 

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • Machine Learning