• Charlene Visconti
    Charlene Visconti
    Dean of Students

    Charlene Visconti is Dean of Students for NYU Shanghai. She is responsible for the overall student life experience of the international community of scholars at NYU Shanghai, emphasizing intercultural communication and engagement across a broad spectrum of activities for students from diverse backgrounds.

    Ms. Visconti holds a law degree from New York University and has worked in both the public and private sectors, primarily in the areas of health care administration, ethics, and risk management. She also served for nine years as Assistant Dean of Preprofessional Advising at the NYU College of Arts and Science, helping to prepare students for graduate school in the legal, business, and health professions. She is delighted to be returning to NYU in this role, and is committed to providing a robust set of student life programs that appreciate, respect, and celebrate the cultural norms of the NYU Shanghai community.