Xin Jin

Xin Jin
Affiliated Professor of Neuroscience

Xin Jin is an Affiliated Professor of Neuroscience at NYU Shanghai and Professor and Director of the Center for Motor Control and Disease at East China Normal University. His research focuses on the fundamental principles of how the brain learns and controls movements to probe cognition and develop treatments for a wide range of related neurological and psychiatric diseases. Dr. Xin Jin's work has been recognized by many international awards including the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience Featured Article Award, the NIH Benedict J. Latteri Memorial Award, the Society for Neuroscience Gruber International Research Award, and the Mcknight Memory and Cognitive Disorders Award.


Select Publications

  • Aoki S, Smith JB, Li H, Yan X, Igarashi M, Coulon P, Wickens JR, Ruigrok TJ, Jin X. (2019) An open cortico-basal ganglia loop allows limbic control over motor output via the nigrothalamic pathway. eLife 8: e49995.

  • Geddes CE, Li H, Jin X. (2018) Optogenetic editing reveals the hierarchical organization of learned action sequences. Cell 174(1): 32-43.

  • Klug JR, Engelhardt MD, Cadman CN, Li H, Smith JB, Ayala S, Williams EW, Hoffman H, Jin X. (2018) Differential inputs to striatal cholinergic and parvalbumin interneurons imply functional distinctions. eLife 7: e35657.

  • Howard CD, Li H, Geddes CE, Jin X. (2017) Dynamic nigrostriatal dopamine biases action selection. Neuron 93(6): 1436-1450.

  • Smith JB, Klug JR, Ross DL, Howard CD, Hollon NG, Ko VI, Hoffman H, Callaway EM, Gerfen CR, Jin X. (2016) Genetic-based dissection unveils the inputs and outputs of striatal patch and matrix compartments. Neuron 91(5): 1069-1084.


  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • BS, Applied Physics
    China Agricultural University, China