Wei Wu

Wei Wu
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Wei Wu is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at NYU Shanghai. Before joining NYU Shanghai, he held academic positions at the Courant Institute, New York University and at the University of Warwick. He works in probability, mathematical physics and partial differential equations, especially in Gibbs random fields, spin models, phase transitions and homogenization.

Select Publications 

  • Massless Phases for the Villain model in ≥ 3, with P. Dario, submitted
  • C2 regularity of the surface tension for the ∇ϕ interface model, with S. Armstrong, submitted
  • Maximum for Ginzburg-Landau fields, with D. Belius, to appear, Annals of Probability
  • Four dimensional loop-erased random walk, with G. Lawler and X. Sun, Annals of Probability 2019, Vol. 47, No. 6
  • Critical Percolation and the Minimal Spanning Tree in Slabs, with C. Newman and V. Tassion, Communications on Pure and Applied Math, Volume 70, Issue 11, (2017)


  • PhD, Applied Math 
    Brown University
  • BSc, Physics 
    Fudan University

Research Interests

  • Probability
  • Mathematical Physics