How to Apply




Application Instructions

Click here to complete the online application for the 2019 NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy


Here are general instructions for completing your High School Academy program application.

Application Deadlines

Seats are limited, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible in order to increase the chances that places are still available for the course(s) that you apply for.

General Application Deadline: June 15th

Application Checklist

You would need the following documents when you fill the application form:

  • Copy of Your ID Card or passport identification page
  • Copy of Your Academic Transcript

The official transcript should include each course you have studied and the grades you earned from the most recent semester. Academic records should be issued in Chinese or English. (Note: Chinese high school students should provide transcript with school stamps.)

Not sure if you are eligible to apply? Check out the High School Academy program eligibility.

Admission Decision

We will notify you of our admission decision within two weeks after receiving your complete application. The review process may be longer for students who need to provide additional information regarding their academic records or language proficiency.

Program and Course Fees

  • 9,888 RMB per one-week course / 16,000 RMB for the two-week American College Prep Bootcamp

Dining Costs: Approximately 50–60 RMB out of pocket per day at the NYU Shanghai cafeteria (Monday–Friday only). Students will be responsible for their own meals on the weekends. There are many dining options around the residence halls and the NYU Shanghai campus.

Housing and Fees: Housing is available at the NYU Shanghai residence halls located approximately 15 minutes from the academic building, in the Jinqiao area of Pudong. Shuttle service will be provided to and from the NYU Shanghai campus. Housing is optional. 

  • 1025 RMB per week for a Standard Double Room


Your Statement of Purpose allows us to better assess whether or not you understand the program and to examine your reasons for wanting to study at the High School Academy. We will use your Statement of Purpose to help us determine if the program is a good fit for you, as well as help us advise you on courses and campus opportunities that will help you achieve your goals once you arrive in NYU Shanghai.

Please use the following guidelines when writing your essay:

  1. Length of essay: 500 words in English
  2. Background: Briefly describe the course work or experience that you believe has best prepared you to succeed as a student at NYU Shanghai. Please tell us about academic successes that may not be apparent from just reading your transcript.
  3. Anomalies: Please explain if there are any anomalies in your academic transcript that you would like us to consider in reviewing your application (such as a failed course, one semester of a lowered GPA or a switch in your major concentration).
  4. Understanding of the program: Briefly explain your understanding of the program's requirements and the courses you will be eligible to apply for as a student, as well as restrictions on your enrollment. Please also state the name of the program you are applying to and specify what you hope to learn from the program.