• Thomas Bruce
    Senior Counselor

    Thomas Bruce is senior counselor at NYU Shanghai. He brings a wide range of experiences as a senior university leader, congressional aide, international civil servant, anchorman, and a public affairs consultant. Prior to becoming vice president for University Communications at Cornell University for a decade and a stint as Dartmouth’s senior vice president for Public Affairs, Bruce led a successful 30-year career in Washington serving on the staff of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, working at the Organization of American States as Director of the Office of External Relations. As a public affairs consultant, Bruce managed communications projects for American companies in Europe and Latin America, advised Latin American governments in Washington, and for two years set up and ran a successful national campaign to position France's Champagne district favorably throughout the United States ahead of long term negotiations. Bruce created and moderated for two years a national public affairs television show on the Monitor Channel.