Naomi Bendu

MA Candidate, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, GSAS

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (September 11 - October 9) :

Gender rights across cultures and countries, the role of women in societies. How is the “second new wave feminism” affecting nations that have different cultures and traditions? What is expected of them on the world stage as globalization pushes ideas beyond borders? How is feminism taking shape in China, a nation that is heavily protective of its culture and traditions? In what capacity does it allow for “feminism” to take root and shape the view of the younger generations growing up with social media platforms such as Weibo granting access to movements like MeToo and others? China has a lot of history that Bendu would like to use in advancing her research, furthermore, Jeong Min Kim, a teaching fellow at NYU Shanghai, is a gender historian whom she would very much like to have as thesis advisor. Bendu’s research will be greatly improved by spending time in Shanghai.

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GRI Fellowship
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Fall 2019