Academic Life

NYU Shanghai offers a four-year undergraduate program along with several postgraduate programs.

The undergraduate NYU Shanghai academic experience is characterized by rigor, a global perspective, and a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Several distinct features define the NYU Shanghai approach and make it unique:

A Truly Innovative Core Curriculum

As our world evolves, education needs to evolve to meet the needs of 21st century students. The NYU Shanghai core curriculum is defined by a global orientation. Students explore social and cultural foundations through courses that span cultures and contexts, both Chinese and international. Writing and language courses develop students’ communication skills in both English and Chinese. Mathematics and science are a part of every student’s education, as are courses which introduce or strengthen a student’s understanding of algorithmic thinking.

Playing to Our Strengths

NYU Shanghai has carefully developed a set of majors and specializations that capitalize not just on the world-class strength of NYU faculty, departments, and programs, but also on the limitless possibilities that Shanghai provides.

Graduate and Advanced Education

A robust academic community of postgraduate students at the master’s and PhD levels thrives at NYU Shanghai. Engaged in study and research across a variety of disciplines, our postgraduate students are linked by a shared motivation to acquire advanced knowledge and skills that will prepare them for successful professional careers.