University Welcome
NYU Shanghai Class of 2024

September 9, 2020 9:00 PM

NYU Shanghai Chancellor

Tong Shijun

Performance: Guzheng

Feng Boning '23

NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor

Jeffrey Lehman

Trailer: 2020 NYU Shanghai Got Talent Show

NYU Shanghai Provost

Joanna Waley-Cohen

Closing: NYU Shanghai Alma Mater


In ancient China, a scholar was expected to spend a lifetime mastering four arts (琴棋书画). These four arts included music (琴, qin), chess (棋, qi), calligraphy (书, shu), and painting (画, hua). Today, the concept of 琴棋书画 is used in the expression “琴棋书画,样样精通” to describe someone who is educated and multi-talented. As a liberal arts university in China, NYU Shanghai is a community where students are encouraged to discover and cultivate their talents. It is for this reason that the theme of 琴棋书画 was chosen as the theme for NYU Shanghai’s annual new student orientation activities, running in a four-year cycle. Each year’s theme will be one character of this iconic expression. This year’s character is “琴” (Music).
Class of 2024