How can I login to my Aetna account? (Faculty, Expat Staff)


1. Please go to: www.AetnaInternational.com;
2. Click "Register Now"
3. Check with your HR/Benefits contact for how your name and address were submitted to Aetna during enrollment. Also enter your name exactly as what was used to enroll, i.e., ‘Robert’, not ‘Bob’. There is no zip code required.
4. With your registration completed, you will now be directed to your Navigator home page. Enter your registered User Name and Password in the “Member Log In” section and click “Go.”



How can I print out a temporary card? (Faculty, Expat Staff)


Upon logging into Navigator, you have access to a number of personalized health information resources such as claims status, electronic explanation of benefits, instant eligibility and more. To view your ID Card, click on: “Get a New ID Card”.



Where can I get the most updated direct billing hospital list for Aetna Health Insurance? (Faculty, Expat Staff)


Use DocFind via secure Aetna Navigator at www.aetnanavigator.com to locate U.S. network providers.
Search by:
*Zip Code
*Distance (how far out of this zip code are you willing to travel? As little as 5 miles or as much as 100 miles?)
*Provider Category, i.e., Urgent Care Facilities, Walk in Clinics, Medical Providers, Dental Providers, Hospitals, Dialysis, Labs (including Quest Diagnostics), Facilities (such as x‐ray, DME), Pharmacy
*Provider Type (choices based on Provider Category selected)
*Plan: select ‘Aetna Standard Plans’ then select ‘Open Choice PPO’



How do I claim from Aetna if I visited a Non-Direct Billing Provider? (Faculty, Expat Staff)


1.Complete the claim form and attach all supporting documents and receipts. 

2.Submit completed claim form and documentation via: fax, mail, email, or online through the Aetna International website www.aetnainternational.com. Please find details below:

Upload it - Log in at www.aetnainternational.com and click 'Claims Center'
Fax it - Outside the US: +1 800 475 8751 (via AT&T + access code)    Inside the US:+1 859 425 3363
E-mail it - Send attachments to aiservice@aetna.com
Mail it - Aetna International/Aetna. PO Box 981543, El Paso, TX 79998-1543, USA

3.Check status of claims through Aetna Navigator www.aetnanavigator.com

4.Complete the Recurring Reimbursement Election (RRE) form to select your method of reimbursement and currency. Note:  If you do not complete the RRE form you will always need to complete “Summary of Reimbursement” and “Bank information” section(s) on the claim form in section 5 and 6. 



Who do I consult with if I have any questions or need assistance under emergency situations? (Faculty, Expat Staff)


Should you have any questions for Aetna, please dial 10811. (For the phone in our office, you need to insert a "0" before you dial. For cellphones, and telephones at your home, you can dial directly.) After you hear "Please dial the number you are calling”, you can dial 800-231-7729, or 813-775-0190. You can also call either 877-242-5580 or 813-775-0246 for emergency.

Benefit-Bank Transfer

How can I transfer my money to a foreign account as a non-Chinese citizen?


Take ICBC as example, here are the documents oversea money transfer. If you want to transfer money, please prepare both the original and copy of the following documents,
·  passport
·  FEC (borrow from HR) 
·  contract (you have a copy, if you can't find it, you can borrow from HR)
·  tax exemption certificate or tax receipts
·  payslips (download from Workday,  bring or drop to HR box for stamp, please give it to HR 3 days ahead)
If you are a cardholder of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), please refer to Appendix III.
If you are a cardholder of HSBC (China), please refer to Appendix IV.
If you are a cardholder of China Construction Bank (CCB), please refer to Appendix V.
If you are a cardholder of China Merchants Bank (CMB), please refer to Appendix VI.
If you are a cardholder of Bank of China (BOC), please refer to Appendix VII.


What should I do if I am eligible for both health insurance plans and want to switch between two plans?


If you would like to switch to another plan, do so in PeopleSync during each plan’s open enrollment period, or once your contract is renewed. For both plans, the insurance policy year is from Jan 1-Dec 31 every year. If you want to switch to the other plan, the open enrollment period is at the end of December. In December every year, you’ll receive the open enrollment task of health insurance from PeopleSync. You can then switch to the other plan if you need. The effective date of your new plan will be from Jan 1 of the next year.


When can I use my staff annual leave?


You can only start using your annual leave after your probation has ended. Please use PeopleSync when  applying for  annual leave.



What kind of leave can I apply for during my probation?


Comp time, sick leave can be applied by new-hire during probation.



How can I login to my MSH account? (all)


1. Please go to: www.mshasia.com;
2. User Name: Your Member ID found on your Insurance Card;
3. Initial Password: Birthday of Primary Insured (MM/DD/YYYY)
4. Please change your initial password when you log-in for the first time



Where can I get the most updated direct billing hospital list for MSH Health Insurance? (all)


Please log on to your MSH account and you can find the most updated direct billing network list.



How do I claim from MSH if I visited a Non-Direct Billing Provider? (all)




Who do I contact if I have any questions or need assistance in emergency situations? (all)


Should you have any questions for MSH, please dial the MSH Hotline +86-21-6187-0330. For Medical Emergency Assistance, please dial +86-21-6130-0963.

Benefit-Retirement Plan

What is the staff retirement plan provided by NYU Shanghai?


NYU Shanghai provides Trust-based Retirement Plan (TBS) and Enterprise Annuity (EA) for our employees. Chinese staff have the options between Trust-based Retirement Plan (TBS) and Enterprise Annuity (EA). Foreign staff have the option of Trust-based Retirement Plan (TBS). There is 6 month waiting period. The employer will match a certain amount of the percentage contributed by employees.



How do I withdraw my retirement fund from my account?


For the TBS plan,  conditions for withdrawal fall under retirement, termination, death, or disability. During its period of service, the funds  can only be withdrawn from in the case of critical illness. For the EA plan, you can withdraw under the conditions of retirement, death, or disability.



How do I login to my TBS retirement plan account?




How do I login to my EA retirement plan account?


Benefit-Social Security

How much is the social security deduction from my salary? (all)


For Chinese employees, NYU Shanghai will withhold employee contributions of Statutory Social Insurance and Housing Provident Fund from your salary. For foreign employees, currently  social security is not mandatory in Shanghai. For detailed employee and employer contributions of Statutory Social Insurance and Housing Provident Funds, please refer to your monthly payslip.



How can I find out my housing fund account number?


There are several ways to find out your housing fund account number.
1. Add the Public “Shanghai Housing Provident Fund (上海公积金)” WeChat account by scanning the QR Code. 

Follow the account and choose “Check Housing Fund Account” under “My account”.
2. Contact C&B Group email for account information: shanghai.hr.compensation_and_benefit-group@nyu.edu.

Benefit-Travel Insurance

What kind of insurance can I apply for on my business trip?


Geo Blue is purchased by NYU for our employees who goes on international business trips. Geo Blue covers your medical service during an international business trip. It requires no paperwork, but you will have to register online. The plan only applies to you, excluding your dependent. For employees traveling to their domicile country for a business trip, Geo Blue does not provide coverage, e.g. U.S. citizen travels to NY for business trip, he cannot be covered.



How do I enroll in Geo Blue Business Travel Insurance?


Step 1: Visit the Geo Blue website at https://www.geo-blue.com
Step 2: Click on "Register Now."
Step 3: Enter the NYU Group #, which is QHG99999NYU2.
Step 4: Create an account by entering your name, email address, and phone number."



How to claim from Geo Blue?


"In the event that you visit a doctor or facility outside of the GeoBlue contracted network without first securing a guarantee of payment, you will have to pay for care and services at the time of treatment and submit a claim to GeoBlue for reimbursement.
Claim forms can be downloaded from geo-blue.com under Member Hub.
Send a legible provider bill along with the completed claim form to:
Email: claims@geo-blue.com
Fax: 1.610.482.9623
Mail: GeoBlue
Attn: Claims
One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087


When is my first pay day? (all)


The fifteenth date of each month is pay cut-off date. If your hire date in your offer is before the fifteenth of the month, you will receive your first payment during that month. If your hire date falls after the fifteenth of the month, you will receive your first payment the following month. Usually, NYU Shanghai will make monthly salary payments on the thirtieth day of the current month, or the last day of February.



How do I pay my individual income tax? (all)


NYU Shanghai will withhold the individual income tax on your behalf. 



How do I obtain tax receipts? (all)


You can download tax receipts online (http://www.tax.sh.gov.cn//pub/), or go to the Tax Bureau to print it out.
According to tax bureau's rule, expatriates who pay tax in China will receive a monthly tax receipt around the 25th of the following month. 





What kind of relocation services does NYU Shanghai offer to international employees relocating to China?

To ensure your acclimatization in Shanghai as quick and smooth as possible, NYU Shanghai provides a variety of relocation services to eligible international employees, including immigration, house search, help with schooling arrangements, international moving, settling-in, and repatriation services. Some are managed in-house while some are handled through outsourcing to external relocation companies.



Who should I reach out to for relocation assistance?

The HR Immigration and Relocation Services team of NYU Shanghai provides relocation assistance to expatriate employees, including faculty and staff. For any enquiries, please contact the HR Immigration and Relocation Services team at shanghai.hr.Immigration-group@nyu.edu




Is furniture provided in NYU Shanghai's cooperating housing?


NYU Shanghai's cooperating faculty housing are fully furnished. If you would like to know more about the faculty housing, please contact the HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team.



If I choose cooperating housing, what's the earliest/latest check in/out date?


NYU Shanghai cooperating housing is available no earlier than two weeks before the start of your appointment term and must be vacated no later than two weeks after the end of the term.



Can I change to market housing after checking in to cooperating housing?


If you choose cooperating housing, you should commit to stay at least a semester before switching to market housing.



Are pets allowed in NYU Shanghai's cooperating housing?


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in NYU Shanghai's cooperating housing. If you do have pets, market housing may be a better option as most landlords are flexible with pets in private housing.



What are the benefits of cooperating housing vs. market housing?


If you choose cooperating housing, NYU Shanghai will maintain the lease and arrange payments. However, NYU Shanghai will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred by individuals. If you choose the option of market housing, you are supposed to sign the lease contract and take care of the rental obligations (including rental payment by yourself), but you are free to choose the location and type of apartment/house you like. The rent can be reimbursed monthly through Workday with the VAT fapiao issued by landlord.



When should I start the search for an apartment or house in Shanghai?


Since most of the landlords won't agree to sign a contract 2 months or more in advance if their property is currently empty because they would lose money,you are recommended to start your search for your perfect property about 3-4 weeks ahead of your planned move-in date. In most cases 2 weeks before is more than enough.



Are short-term rentals (less than 12 months) available?


While the majority of landlords prefer a one year-rent term, some of them may offer their housing for short-term rent. Unfortunately, the rental price could be more expensive than a comparable long-term rent.



How do I pay the rent and utility bills if I find an apartment on my own?


The rent can be paid by bank transfer to the landlord's account. If you don't know how to make the monthly bank transfer, you can consult with the HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team. Paying utility bills is pretty simple and quick in Shanghai. The easiest option is to pay at a nearby convenience store, such as Kedi or Family Mart. Please note, however, that if you fail to pay the bills on time, things can become difficult as you will have to go to a specific branch office of electricity, gas, or water company to clear the payments.



How should I claim housing allowance from NYU Shanghai?


You can claim your housing allowance monthly by submitting the reimbursement request in Workday system with the tax invoice ("VAT fapiao" in China) issued by your landlord.



Can I add or remove any furniture in my apartment?


Serviced apartments or private housing landlords normally would not allow their tenants to add or remove any furniture simply because it is too much trouble to find space or a place to store them.



How much is the typical security deposit for the rental of an apartment or house?


Normally, the tenant is asked to leave the landlord a deposit of a two months' rent, before moving in to the apartment or house. On the expiration date of the lease agreement, and after all bills, utilities, and expenses, have been paid, the landlord will refund the deposit (without interest).



What are the common payment arrangements for the rental of an apartment or house?


Many payment arrangements are ‘3 month payment and 1 month deposit’; however, based on the rental price, the payment arrangement may vary. Landlords of high rental priced properties may ask for a monthly payment and a two month deposit in advance.



What services are included in the rent of private housing?


Rental agreements of private landlords typically include property management fees, internet installation fees, and tax invoices. They don`t include the utility fees such as water, gas, electricity, and internet, or club house memberships. In a serviced apartment the fees will vary as the costs depend on the type of serviced apartment - while premium serviced apartments have all the utility costs included and the cheaper ones don’t. Furthermore, most of the time the rent will include the club house membership fee.



What are the consequences if I move out before the end of the rental contract?


If you move out before the end of the rental contract, the landlord has the right to keep the security deposit for the breach of contract. Occasionally, some landlords may be willing to give back the security deposit as long as the original tenant finds a new tenant who takes over the rent with the same terms.


What should I do if my passport contains less than 3 blank pages?

If this is the case, please apply for a new passport at your earliest convenience as many permits and stamps will be required for your visa process. If you run out, the local officer will reject your permit application.


What should I do if I can't find my degree certificate?

Please contact the registrar office of your graduating university for a replacement. Or, alternatively you could ask the registrar office to issue a statement letter and a transcript to confirm your graduation and degree. The letter and the transcript can be sent to HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team in scan by Email.


What should I do if I can't find my documents of relation, such as marriage certificate?

Relationship documents are required for accompanying dependents who wish to apply for a Residence Permit after arriving in China. If you can’t find the original documents, then you will need to ask for a replacement from the authorities who issued the document.


Should my dependents attend the physical examination with me outside China?

Physical examination is required for a dependent who needs to apply for an S1 (dependent) visa. As the S1 visa requires the dependent’s information to be listed in the employee’s Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit and Z visa Confirmation Letter of Invitation, the Physical Examination Record should be submitted at the same time as the employee’s. Children under 18 years of age are exempt from physical exams. If your dependents are applying for an L (tourist) visa, physical exam is unnecessary.


Must I go to a designated medical center to do the physical examination or can I just do it at any certified medical center?

If you are applying for a visa outside of China, you can do the physical examination at any certified medical institutes. It is important to have your doctor sign the Physical Examination Record form and have the stamp of the medical center on it. Please follow the template and instructions on the sample form.



How long will I have to wait for my Z visa supporting documents before I apply for the visa?

The process for Z visa supporting documents can take up to 4 months. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this period. Once they are approved, the original documents will be sent to you by express mail.



Can I change the place of visa application after my working permit has been issued?

The place of application will be shown in the Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit and visa Confirmation Letter of Invitation, and it must be consistent with the actual place where you are going to submit your application. If you want to change the place after the Notification Letter has been issued, a new application for a Notification Letter should be submitted with the revised information. You are suggested to adhere to the original place of application and do not change details at the last minute as this may cause delay to your visa application process.


Can I travel with my Z visa after entering into China?

The Z visa is a single-entry visa and valid for 30 days after your entry into China. You should apply for a Foreigner's Work Permit Card and Residence Permit before your Z visa expires. If you travel out of China during the first 30 days, your Z visa will be invalid for your next entry and a new visa is required. If you do have travel plans in the first 30 days after arrival, please communicate with the HR Immigration and Relocation Services associate so we can work out a plan to accommodate your needs.



How long will it take to receive my Residence Permit after entry into China?

Usually, it takes a month after entry to receive your Residence Permit. The Residence Permit will be attached to a page in your passport and you can travel in and out of China with it.



Who can be considered as my dependents by immigration authorities?

For immigration, the dependents refer to your spouse (of different gender and with legal marriage certificate) and children (with legal birth certificate). NYU Shanghai provides support and assistance for dependents' immigration clearance if the relationship documents can be provided.



What are the basic education and/or work experience requirements for foreigners hired to work in China?

For foreign nationals, you should generally have at least a Bachelor's degree and 2 years' work experience in a related field abroad to be eligible to apply for a work permit in China.



What are the procedures for foreigners to accept employment at NYU Shanghai and apply for a Work Permit?

To undertake employment at NYU Shanghai, you should follow the procedures below to obtain your Work Permit:

1) Employee signs an offer letter and employment contract;
2) The HR department of NYU Shanghai then prepares the necessary documents and applies for a working permit and employment visa confirmation letter of invitation from local authorities in Shanghai;
3) Once both have been approved, if the employee is outside China, s/he shall apply for an employment (Z) visa at the Chinese embassy/consulate with the supporting documents provided by NYU Shanghai;
4) After the employee's entry into China, NYU Shanghai shall apply for a work permit and convert the employment visa to a work-category residence permit within 30 days after arrival. Or, if the employee is already in China and entered with a valid visa, the HR will help switch the employee's current visa to a work-category residence permit and apply for the Work Permit with approved working permit and other necessary documentation.


As a foreigner, will NYU Shanghai sponsor my visa and work documents in China if I am employed by NYU Shanghai?

If you are employed by NYU Shanghai, the HR Immigration and Relocation Services team shall assist you with acquiring the visa, relevant working permit, and residence permit from Chinese authorities. However, the acquisition, renewal and cost of acquiring passports are the responsibility of individual employee.



Hong long is the China immigration clearance process?

The whole immigration clearance process is complicated and can take up to 4 months. It is important to plan ahead and there needs to be enough lead time for immigration before you can officially start work officially in China.



What kind of information will be required to apply for a work permit as a foreigner hired to work in China?

In order to hire a foreigner to work in China, the employer shall be responsible for applying for a work permit from local authorities. The foreigner shall provide proof of education, work experience, and health (e.g. resume, diploma, health report, reference letter etc.) to facilitate the employer's application for the work permit.



Will NYU Shanghai also support visa(s) for my dependent(s) while I work for NYU Shanghai?

Yes, NYU Shanghai also provides visa support for the employee's eligible dependents including their spouse and dependent children to the extent permitted under the laws of the People's Republic of China. Nevertheless, please note that for visa purposes the People's Republic of China may not recognize all forms of partnership available in the home country.



Can my spouse work in China with a dependent visa/residence permit?

Spouses holding a dependent residence permit cannot work in China. If your spouse finds a job in China, his/her employer should sponsor their work permit and work-category residence permit for your spouse. Once the work permit and residence permit have been approved, the dependent’s NYU Shanghai sponsored residence permit will be cancelled.



What's the general off-boarding procedure?


If you wish to leave employment with NYU Shanghai, you must provide a written resignation to your direct supervisor at least one month prior to the effective date (Three days prior to the effective date for staff member who is still in probation period).

The resignation will initiate the Off-boarding Procedure. (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0MbTwIC6D97Ymo4LUtSUm9GVDQ)



Who should I talk to if I decide to leave?


Your Line Manager and/or HR representative.



How do I get my releasing letter?


HR will deliver the releasing letter to you on your last working day.



How should I deal with my personal stuff?


We recommend you to package all your personal stuff and clean your workspace before you leave.
You can contact Mailroom to see if there is any free package boxes in advance. Mailroom | Rm 121 | 2059 5867



What kind of things should I return to the university?


All work related stuff should be returned, including but not limited to: NYU Shanghai Staff ID Card, Office keys, IT facilities and etc.



How long can I keep my NetID account?


Normally, your NetID will be terminated at the day after your last working day.
We recommend you to back up the email information, the data on drive and etc in advance.
* If you are alumni, your NetID won't be terminated.



Will the money in my NYU Shanghai staff ID card be refunded?


You can go to Rm. B10 for the refund, and it can only be refunded if you paid in cash.
Working Hours: 11:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.
Contacts: shanghai.finance.help@nyu.edu , 20595800

On-boarding - General Workplace Policies and Information

What kind of email signature should I set for my NYU email account?


Setting a standard email signature will be the first important step when you start working at NYU Shanghai. It will help to brand NYU Shanghai and communicate our shared values of excellence, integrity, and multicultural cooperation to the outside world. Please refer to the guide via the link for your Google, Apple, or Outlook email: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CdEbdndkROWr6U3-d5Y2x3ZuXV_YvpZG3Z7F...



How do I set up the VPN on my laptop and/or mobile?


Please visit NYU’s website (http://www.nyu.edu/life/resources-and-services/information-technology/ge...) for detailed instructions. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our IT helpdesk via shanghai.it.help@nyu.edu.



How do I use the printers in the campus building?


After you are on-boarded, you will be able to simply login to the printer by scanning your NYU Card on the card reader besides the touch panel. If you encounter any problems, please stop by IT service desk (Rm 427) on the 4th floor with your NYU Card or contact IT via shanghai.it.help@nyu.edu and 2059-5555.

On-boarding - In Campus Resources

What can I use my staff card for?


The staff card can be used to access the Pudong campus building main entrance. You can also use the card to check-out and check-in library resources, and get access to the printing machines. By topping up the card in cashier office on B1/F, the card can also be used to buy food in B1 canteen and 2/F cafe.



How can I book a conference room for a meeting or event?


After you are on boarded, you will be able to access Google Calendar to check the availability of the conference rooms in Pudong Campus and make reservations when creating an event.



How can I book an event space on campus?


We use an internal system “EMS” to reserve space for events. You can go to the webste (https://kop003-wwb-tv.cfs.its.nyu.edu/EMSWebApp_Shared_Test/Default.aspx) and login with your NYU NetID and password. After selecting a reservation template, you can start booking the space with various services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact IT for help. 



Does NYU Shanghai provide mailing services?


Yes. Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, the Mailing Room at NYU Shanghai provides mailing services to all NYU Shanghai employees. Please visit the office at Rm 121 on 1st floor or call 2059-5867 for service details.



Is there any dining service on campus?


Yes, we do provide dining services in the Pudong campus building. Please see the details as below:
- B1 Cafeteria
OPEN Monday - Friday
Breakfast: 7:30 am - 9:45 am
Lunch: 11:00 am - 1:45 pm
Dinner: 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Halal: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

OPEN Saturday & Sunday
Halal: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

- 2F Cafe
OPEN Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 8:00 pm (coffee, tea, grab-and-go items, desserts)

OPEN Friday
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

OPEN Saturday & Sunday
11:00 am - 6:00 pm (coffee, tea, grab-and-go items, desserts)

Note: Dining Services will be closed during Official NYU Shanghai Holidays.



What kind of support can I receive if I encounter some issues/programs in the campus?


(Please put the following information in a table format)
Campus and Facilities 20595866 Shanghai.facilities-group@nyu.edu
Information Technology 20595555 Shanghai.it.help@nyu.edu
Mailroom 20595867 Nyushanghai.mailroom@nyu.edu
Public Safety 20595500 Nyush.dps@nyu.edu



I would like to buy some NYU Shanghai souvenirs for my friends or myself. Where can I buy them?


There is a campus store at the Pudong Campus that you are welcome to visit for purchasing souvenirs. The store is located on the 1st floor and is beside the Welcome Center on the Century Avenue side.

On-boarding - Off Campus Resources

Where can I find banking services?





Where is the nearest hospital?





How can I get to the Pudong Campus (Public Transportation)?


NYU Shanghai is located at 1555 Century Ave, Pudong District.
Metro: Century Avenue Station, Metro Lines 2/4/6/9, Exit 6
Pudian Road Station, Metro Line 4, Exit 2
Taxi: Please show the Taxi Card to the driver.

Directions from Airport - Pudong International Airport (https://goo.gl/maps/Cus9Ghy5E2m) | Hongqiao International Airport (https://goo.gl/maps/RiU7R3A99Hz)
Directions from Railway Station - Shanghai Railway Station (https://goo.gl/maps/baF25HnfsYw) | Hongqiao Railway Station (https://goo.gl/maps/21p1ysQraWB2)

Didn't find your starting point? Customize directions on Google Maps (https://goo.gl/maps/eSh1hTdqUa12)



How can I take the shuttle between ECNU and Pudong Campus?


NYU Shanghai provides safe transportation for the community members to shuttle between the ECNU campus and the Pudong campus. For the detailed shuttle schedule, please visit the following link: Campus Transportation (http://shanghai.nyu.edu/about/campus/transportation)

On-boarding - On-boarding Documents and Preparation

What kind of documents should I prepare before on-boarding?


Every new employee will receive a welcome message from HR to initiate your on-boarding preparation. On-boarding checklists will be attached with the email to guide you through the process.



I have completed the physical exam and got the receipt. How can I get reimbursement?


You can use Workday(PeopleSync) to get the reimbursement. You can refer to the reimbursement guide via the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YFUqFVUu0N1HsL_Jx0NdP3lq7HiLLAtiPqiQ....



I have a car and would like to park at the campus. Do I need to apply for a parking card?


Yes. Please contact Public Safety (nyu-shanghai-dpscc-group@nyu.edu) for detailed instructions on applying for the parking card after you are on-boarded.



What is a NetID? Can I change my email address to a preferred name?


For every new or returning members of the NYU community, HR will apply a NetID for you to access a variety of NYU services, including NYU Home, email, and calendar. You will receive an email regarding the NetID activation before you are on boarded. Please follow the instructions to complete the set up.

After successfully logging in, you can look under the NYUHome Preferences (upper right) to create a customized, "personal" e-mail address, such as "firstname.lastname@nyu.edu", and to access other account information.



How can I get my staff card?


All employees are required to swipe their own valid NYU Shanghai ID cards at the turnstiles to access the campus building and relevant resources in the campus building. You will receive the campus card when you have the on-boarding meeting with HR on your first day.


What should I do after I log into PeopleSync for the first time?


Please complete all of the tasks in your PeopleSync account such as updating information on your education, payment election, personal information, and contact information.



What else can I do with PeopleSync?


Benefit Election
Benefit Change



What can I do if I have other questions for PeopleSync?


Feel free to contact PeopleSync through: shanghai.PeopleSync.help@nyu.edu


Is there any system that helps document all performance evaluations?


Yes, all evaluations will be documented in the system of Workday. 


Which kindergarten or school is the best choice for me?


This decision should be made based on your child's situation. It is better for you to contact the schools you’re interested in and talk to them specifically. Meanwhile, you may refer to their websites and comparison charts in the international school guide developed by HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team. This guide lists kindergartens/schools within a reasonable distance from NYU Shanghai and most often mentioned as first choice by expats in Shanghai. You may then make an educated decision by comparing the school’s quality and your children’s expectation.



When does the academic year for primary and secondary schools start?


Most schools open on Semester 1, but it can be either in late August or early September. The second semester will begin during February.



Does my child have to visit the school prior to filing the application?


No, however,  most schools request an academic assessment for the child before confirming a spot in the school. Once the registration application is accepted and an offer for an available spot is made to you, the school will reach out to you to schedule a date for the assessment.



What is the average school entry age in Shanghai China?


The school entry age differs from school to school and tends to be tied to the school’s curriculum. The  tables of “Program” in “School Directory” included in the school guide provides the information of age and school levels. Please refer to the tables and check with the schools directly for individual cases.



When should I apply for admission?


The start date for admission application varies from school to school. Although many schools accept applications throughout the year, it is advisable to apply as early as possible to maximize your chance of securing a seat, as places in some schools are very competitive. Please refer to the individual website of the schools for application deadlines.



How do I apply for admission?


Once you select your schools of choice and find out the application deadlines, you must check the admission guidelines on the schools’ websites for application information. If in doubt, please contact the school directly. You can download the application forms directly from some schools’ websites. Please verify which documents the school requires and ensure that your application package is complete.



Which documents are required for the application?


Please check your preferred school’s website for necessary documentation for the admission application.



My residency permit has not been issued yet – will the school accept the application anyway?


This situation is very common and the schools are aware of it. HR Immigration and Relocation Services team will be supporting you and your family to obtain the permits. So if you have any questions regarding permits, please email shanghai.hr.Immigration and Relocation Services -group@nyu.edu accordingly.



What should I do if the schools say that no space is available?


Do not be discouraged! Please proceed and submit the application anyway–the situation tends to change from week to week as the fluctuation of applicants is very high.



What about transport to the schools?


Most international schools provide shuttle buses for students. Please check with the school for bus information if you'd like to take the service.



Are after school activities provided by the schools?


This differs depending on the school. Most of the schools organize extracurricular activities, some at an additional cost. Please check with the schools of your choice for further information.



How should I pay for the application fee?


Usually the application fee payment is required to be paid before the admissions committee can begin reviewing a child’s file. You can pay for the application fee by bank transfer, check, or credit card, even if you are not physically in Shanghai.



How should I pay for the school deposit?


As normal practice, the deposit is under the responsibility of individual employee. If the employee is eligible for tuition benefits and requires NYU Shanghai to pay deposit on his/her behalf, NYU Shanghai will deduct the amount of the deposit from the employee's schooling allowance given potential risks born by NYU Shanghai.



How should I pay for the tuition fee?


Most international schools accept payment by bank transfer payable to the school's RMB or foreign currency account, check or in person by bank or credit card. If you are eligible for tuition benefit, the payment can be also made through NYU Shanghai to the school directly. In this case, should there be any loss to NYU Shanghai due to the employee's action, such as withdrawal or a pre-mature depature from an appointment, the employee should pay back the tuition paid by NYU Shanghai.


When should I start planning the move?


It is important not to leave everything until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange relocation quotations, appoint a relocation company, and finalize all of your arrangements. Generally, we recommend you make contact at least twelve weeks prior to your planned moving date.



What are the options to ship my household goods and personal effects to Shanghai?


There are many options to organize your move. The most common ways are air freight, sea freight, express delivery service, and excess baggage. The cost is usually calculated based on the total volume of your goods and gross weight. We recommend you call different moving companies to get multiple quotes, compare the price, then decide the most cost-effective way.



Are there any recommended agents for pet shipping?


If you have a request for pet shipping, please contact the HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team who can refer you to a pet shipper to manage your move.



What items are prohibited for import into China?


You can find the list of prohibited items in the international moving guide made by HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team, or you can check with the moving company you selected. Normally the moving company will schedule a briefing meeting with you to go through the import/export regulations, procedures, time frame, etc. ahead of packing. It is important to attend this meeting to clarify all the details and get as much information as you can.



Is there a limitation of volume on shipping books to China?


There are some import restrictions on books to China by different way of shipping. It is strongly advised that you check with the shipping providers ahead and sort out the best way to handle books.



What items are not suggested to be shipped to China?


You are not suggested to ship big/heavy furniture or home appliances as housing in Shanghai most of the time is almost completely furnished, and you can buy other necessities at a comparable price in China. As a general rule, we do not suggest that you ship items of which the moving costs outweigh their value.



Can I ship something under my dependent/friend/colleague's name?


This is not advised, as customs clearance requires your Foreigner's Work Permit Card and Residence Permit to be presented. Therefore, if the individual whose name you are using for your shipment does not hold a valid Work Permit Card and Residence Permit, the shipment cannot be cleared through customs.



What address should I use to receive my shipment if my housing in Shanghai is not yet finalized?


You may use the NYU Shanghai academic building address to receive your shipment before your housing is finalized. Once the shipment has arrived in Shanghai, you can ask the moving company to deliver the goods to your new address directly. Usually, there is no additional charge if the delivery is in the same city and no demurrage fees occur.



Can I arrange to ship things which will arrive in China before I do?


Since your Foreigner's Work Permit Card and Residence Permit are the supporting documents for your customs clearance and only become after you have arrived in China, it is strongly suggested that you arrange the shipment at the right time. It is also important to confirm the estimated date of arrival with your shipping carrier beforehand, so as to avoid any increased or additional charges for warehousing and storage if the shipment arrives too early.



As a foreigner, what documents are required for import customs clearance once my shipment arrives at the Shanghai port?


For foreign passport holders, you will need to present your passport, your Foreigner's Work Permit Card, and your Residence Permit are required for customs clearance for your personal goods shipped to China. Acquiring the Foreigner's Work Permit Card and Residence Permit can take up to 4-5 weeks after your arrival. We suggest that you discuss with your selected shipper and book the shipping line based on the availability dates of your Foreigner's Work Permit Card and Residence Permit in order to avoid any demurrage charges. The valid period of Foreigner's Work Permit Card and Residence Permit should be at least 365 days.



How should I pay for the moving fees?


Most international moving companies accept payment by bank transfer. If you are eligible for relocation/shipping allowance, the payment can also be made by NYU Shanghai with prior approval of HR and your cost center manager as long as this shipping company is in the vendor pool of NYU Shanghai. Or, you can pay by yourself first and get reimbursement later from NYU Shanghai with valid supporting documents.



Who should I talk to for shipping assistance when it comes to repatriation?


For shipping assistance, please contact the HR Immigration and Relocation Services Team at nyushanghai.hr.relo@nyu.edu.

Contact information

For further information or assistance, please contact HR Online Services at shanghai.hr.help@nyu.edu. You may also find us at Room 1014, NYU Shanghai Pudong Academic Building.