Recent Shows & Talks

  • The Literary Reading Series at NYU Shanghai, a project of the Writing Program, brings acclaimed writers from around the world to our Shanghai campus.

  • Eight seven-stringed instruments of the zither family -- called guqin -- waited patiently on the dimly lit stage as the audience filled the auditorium to near capacity. Dr. Francesca Tarocco opened the brilliant event with an introduction of  Dai Xiaolian, a renowned guqin player and professor of Chinese music at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and her fellow performers. Before the performance got under way, Dr. Dai offered an overview of  the history of the 3,000 year old instrument.

  • November 21, 2015 – Saturday, the first session of NYU Shanghai’s Literary Reading Series 2015-16 was introduced by lecturer and poet David Perry. Author and NYU Shanghai lecturer Dan Keane, followed by Timothy Tomlinson, NYU Global Liberal Studies program Master Teacher of Writing, read excerpts from their recent works.

  • November 11, 2015 – The myth and the truth behind King Arthur’s legend was the topic of this week’s Master’s Tea talk, given by Elizabeth Archibald, a medieval studies scholar at Durham University. The first stories about Arthur sprung up some 1,500 years ago; and ever since, the legendary king and warrior of England has been increasingly popular not only among the British but worldwide.

  • DV China

    On October 13, The NYU Shanghai Art Gallery and NYU's Asian Film & Media Initiative (Tisch School of the Arts) announced their joint program Making Waves with Moving Images. The program was inaugurated with a special screening of Zheng Dasheng’s documentary DV China (2003) and panel discussion with the filmmaker himself, NYU Professors Zhang Zhe