Event Security and Support

Events are seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences, and other forms of ad-hoc gatherings that are not part of NYU Shanghai’s formal academic program (e.g., classes, recitations, study groups, etc.) or NYU Shanghai’s daily administrative operations.

All events which are hosted by or taking place at NYU Shanghai need to be registered on OrgSync and EMS. Make sure to reserve a space, request services, and submit the appropriate applications to the government well ahead of your event. University leadership has the prerogative to place additional requirements or approvals on specific events.



Event Safety Registration



Public Safety event safety registration services include visitor registration, vehicle parking, crowd control, and monitoring for fire risk. Events that fit the criteria below may require safety registration and additional safety measures and support from Public Safety:

  • Number of attendees is 100 or more
  • Event is open to the public (non-NYU Shanghai guests will attend)
  • Event involves celebrities or other well-known persons
  • Event uses external catering services
  • Requires temporary construction or cabling
  • Events that require an application or notification to the government

Please contact Public Safety at least one month (30 days) in advance of your event for safety registration.


How to Apply


  • Step 1: Download and fill in this form.
  • Step 2: Email shanghai.publicsafety@nyu.edu.
  • Step 3: Meet with Public Safety for event details and set up a security plan.
  • Step 4: Follow the security plan on the day of your event.


Government Notification

If your event matches any of the criteria below, you must notify the relevant governmental authorities (e.g., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, etc.) in advance of the event. Application lead-times are also listed:

  Description Required Lead-time for Application
1 100 or more non-Chinese external attendees (including from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) 6 months in advance
2 Fewer than 100 non-Chinese external attendees (including from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) 4 months in advance
3 A visitor who is a Vice Minister or above, or former Vice Premier or above of a foreign country 6 months in advance
4 Other non-Chinese government officials (including from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) 3 months in advance
Contact Public Safety if you have any questions about whether a government notification or acknowledgment is required.
Note: If conditions 1 or 2 coincides with conditions 3 or 4, please add up the application lead-time accordingly.