NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy 2018 Student Testimonials

"It was a great experience to make friends with people from various backgrounds, to understand unfamiliar fields, and to feel a diversified cultural vibe. It was like a totally different world when you got immersed in that environment, and such a memory will serve as an incentive to become a better me during my final year in high school. If you are not that confident and hesitate to go to HSA, I will advise you to step outside and lean in!”

-- Student from Panzhihua No.3 High School, Sichuan, China


“Never be afraid to be imperfect or wrong. A good writing or life needs to be continuously revised or to consistently listen to others. But no matter what others' opinions are, we need to insist what we genuinely want to express and walk our own ways.”

-- Student from Qingpu Campus of High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai, China


“It's very lucky to participate in HSA. At NYU Shanghai, we had a super awesome week with my 6 classmates and beloved instructor. We were going to create an APP within a week, and during the process, I learned the way to solve problem and the ability to find the problem and decide the theme. It was the teamwork that made us succeed! I experienced a new pedagogy different from traditional exam-oriented education. It was a dynamic way of teaching which fills the class with energy, offering us an opportunity to complete what we cannot imagine before. I will remember this week, and it has been the happiest week for me ever. I will promote this program to others to experience this way of learning. I would like to apply for NYU Shanghai in the future.”

-- Student from the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


“In the Applied Psychology course, we applied what we had learned in our daily life. For example, to analyze gestures, words and relevant emotions when watching a movie; to analyze your own personality and characteristics by doing simple tests. I could analyze a social phenomenon and present it with my teammates within a week. Such an interactive program which trains students to think independently can improve students in a one-week session.”

-- Student from Pudong Campus of High School Attached to SISU (Shanghai International Studies University)


“I had an amazing week in NYU Shanghai’s Summer School. By attending the leadership course, I learned how to work and cooperate with others to achieve the goal in the most efficient way. By talking to my Chinese classmates and roommates, I learned more about the lifestyle of people living in mainland China. Shanghai is an attractive and energetic city full of new opportunities, it unites the people from different places, religions and cultural backgrounds. I would definitely recommend the Summer School to my friends and classmates.”

-- Student from Australian International School Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


“I feel fortunate to communicate with the famous professor in person and to make good friends here. I finally know what are "good teachers and helpful friends". Comparing to the traditional one-way education module, we discussed and communicated equally, and there were collisions of ways of thinking and cultures. Every single word was attended and valuable, which made me feel great. At the same time, I experienced NYU Shanghai, and it matched my ideal university perfectly. I would like to apply.”

-- Student from Qingpu Campus of High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai, China