NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy 2019 Student Testimonials

“I have grown so much this week. Every day, there are new challenges, and I gain a little every day. It leads me into thinking that I shouldn’t just feel satisfied about my instructor’s praising. On the converse, I should remember why I got praised, what I can learn from my own thoughts and behavior, and what should I keep in heart in the future. I think it never comes to an end even though the program has ended. Thank you NYU Shanghai again! ”

-- Student from Shanghai Datong High School, Shanghai, China


“It is the first time for me to attend this summer course at NYU Shanghai, which was an impressive experience. Studying here is likely veritably experiencing NYU classes: spacious classrooms, a dozen students, excellent teacher resources and English teaching environment. Students ask questions and discuss freely in class. The course requires a group to complete a project and give a presentation, which trains our ability of cooperation. In here, I meet friends from all over the world and live a very fulfilling life every day. The summer course firms my desire that I want to apply for NYU Shanghai. ”

--Student from High School Attached to Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China


“Here, I met many new friends. They really give me support, and we have the same goal to work for. I never have such feeling like close-bounding, we work as a team to achieve our goal! I want to say ‘thank you’ to NYU Shanghai and all the nice staff working here, they do offer great help. I have fallen in love with this fabulous school for both the academic atmosphere and culture communication! Hope to study here next year!”

-- Student from Hangzhou No.4 High School, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 


“I would like to recommend the HSA to my friends because it is quite different from the class I attend in my hometown. We can open flow and talk very freely in the class. I feel quite free. We can talk with the teachers. ”

-- Student from Hupu Senior High School, Changshu, Jiangsu 


“To me, the program here helped me explore more. Although I did some voluntary work before, I knew not so much about ‘non-profit’ organizations. I have this impressive opportunity to be in Shanghai, experiencing various things I haven’t imagined before. In this program, the instructor participates in the class and motivates the class very well. I love this kind of learning environment. ”

-- Student from Hangzhou No.14 High School, Hangzhou, Zhejiang


“My professor, Ivan took us to Wu Kang Road. We relaxed and enjoyed our afternoon time there. We visited the museum which showed us something we didn't know before. Reading and presentation are the two most challenging tasks for me in this program. I have to do many readings with professional wordings, which are in the same level as those in the university. I also faced many difficulties with my team members when we are preparing the presentation. Luckily, we finally made it. ”

-- Student from Capital Normal University High School, Beijing