NYU Shanghai Off­-Campus Housing Policy (v.03/20/2017)

All Freshmen and Sophomores must live in NYU Shanghai housing. Juniors and Seniors may live off­-campus in non­NYU sponsored housing in accordance with the terms of this policy. Your class standing is based upon completion of 4 academic semesters (Fall/Spring only), not by credit or admit year.

2.    WAIVER
All Juniors or Seniors interested in living off-­campus must fill out the NYU Shanghai Housing Waiver and Release and return to Residential Life for approval by Sunday, April 23, 2017, at 5pm (China Standard Time). Failure to meet this deadline forfeits your ability to live off-campus for the 2016­-2017 Academic Year. If approved, the Waiver is valid for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Students wishing to live off-campus for a second year must reapply and be approved before the 2018-­2019 Academic Year.

Students approved to live off­-campus will be responsible for handling all issues relating to their off­-campus housing. NYU Shanghai and Student Life and Residential Life staff will not be able to assist with any matters related to students’ off­-campus housing. This includes but is not limited to: i) endorsing agents ii.) providing listings iii) setting up / paying bills or rents or guaranteeing rent payments iv) advancing financial aid funds v) negotiating leases or disputes with landlords or vi) assisting with or claims filed regarding deposits or lease terms. Student must work directly with their landlord on all such matters. NYU Shanghai will provide documentation that you are a students at the university and have been approved to live off-campus if required by landlord.

By signing the Waiver, you agree to review and abide by all policies and regulations of NYU Shanghai and Student Life, including, but not limited to, this policy and NYU Shanghai Student Conduct and Policies, and the laws and regulations of Shanghai and the People’s Republic of China, including, but not limited to, the temporary residence registration process, that are or become effective during the academic year. Violations of these policies, regulations, and/or laws may result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of the Waiver. You are responsible for your own actions off­-campus. NYU Shanghai will not intervene with any aspects of your off­-campus living condition. Students who choose to live off-campus will lose their NYU Shanghai Housing preference if they decide to re­register for NYU Shanghai Housing in the future.

To live off-campus in the 2017-2018 Academic Year, you must submit the NYU Shanghai Housing Waiver and Release by April 23, 2017. The Manager of Residential Life will review all requests, and decisions will be sent out within 10 business days after receipt. Applicants who are approved will be released from their NYU Shanghai Housing License with no penalty. Any denied applicants may appeal the decision to the Dean of Students within 5 business days after receiving the initial decision. NYU Shanghai reserves the rights to revoke its approval of your Waiver at any time if you no longer meet the off­-campus housing eligibility criteria or fail to comply with the NYU Shanghai Student Conduct and Policies. NYU Shanghai will not be responsible for any financial damages levied for breaking the lease for your off­-campus housing, including in connection with a revocation of the Waiver.