Migrant Families in Shanghai

DSS migrant families


CEL-SHU 101 Migrant Families in Shanghai

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Students in this course will learn about internal migration and urbanization in China and resettling migrants in the city of Shanghai. The course will touch on the fundamentals of engaging individuals in a helping situation; theories related to child development; implications of gender, culture and migration; impacts of multiple social contexts: the family, peers, school, social agencies and community; understanding the effects of social oppression on people’s lives: poverty, sexism, classism, etc. 


This course is taught in conjunction with students’ participation in a service experience centered on migrant youth through the NYU Shanghai College and Career Lab. The overarching goal of service learning is the integration of service activity that meets community needs with academic material and critical reflection. This course will assist students in understanding the individuals with whom they are working and the social/environmental contexts in which they live through course content and personal reflection on service. 

The instructor is Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, Associate Professor of International Education at NYU Steinhardt.