Corporate and Custom Services



The NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) at NYU Shanghai offers a wide selection of short and long courses in English language learning and in areas of professional development that can serve to build the knowledge and the skill sets of your employees.

Hiring managers and human resources officers can work with the NYUSPS team to develop a program of study that provides a learning experience based upon the standard courses we offer or they can build a customized program of study that focuses on their company’s specific training needs or educational priorities for their employees.

The instruction employees receive will be delivered by experts in their fields and will reflect the breadth and depth of content and the teaching excellence that you will find only through a world-renowned international university such as NYU.

Our Solutions

Based upon your needs, NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai can provide appropriate solutions to ensure that your employees are prepared for today’s complex global business environment as well as future challenges and opportunities.

Our programs are designed to enable employees to:

  • Create and deliver clear and compelling presentations in English 
  • Actively participate in international business meetings and negotiations
  • Write clear, concise professional documents and correspondence in English
  • Build knowledge, skills, and vocabulary in specific industry sectors
  • Review and understand business documents and contracts
  • Communicate during overseas business trips or international assignments

Our Strengths                

  • NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai offers communication-based, student-centered classes led by faculty members who have deep experience teaching in China and around the world.
  • NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai provides a diverse array of programs that allow participants to learn practical English, which can be immediately used at work in specialty areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, business management, leadership, hospitality and tourism, management, and education.

Customized Curriculum for Diverse Audiences

We offer customized programs that can be designed for employees who need to acquire English, intercultural, and professional skills in order to engage in the global marketplace. Customized plans include training programs for:   

  • Executives
  • Future leaders
  • Professionals in international divisions
  • Professionals who travel overseas or complete long-term overseas assignments
  • New employees
  • Flexible Scheduling and Location

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai can design courses and trainings to fit your unique scheduling needs. We offer intensive or multi-week courses on campus at NYU Shanghai’s state-of-the-art facilities in Pudong, or on-site at your company. 

For more information about our custom programs and pricing, contact us via email at or by phone at 86-021-2059-5960.