Ally Week 2017


From November 5 to November 10, 2017, the NYU Shanghai Ally Week presented a week-long series of events meant to promote inclusiveness and explore what it means to live in a diverse environment. The week was planned by the 2017 Ally Week Committee consisting of 11 students and 1 staff advisor. 30 students, staff and faculty members served as Ally Week Ambassadors, engaging the whole community in various events and initiatives.

Below you can find a list of events and initiatives that took place:



Mixed Play: Opening Event

NYU Shanghai’s first mixed-gender basketball and volleyball game.


Who Art Thou: Printmaking Workshop

Who are we in this current world of digital and virtual media? Of mass diasporic populations? Of multi-lingual institutions and communities? This printmaking workshop encourages such investigations into ourselves through textual and visual narrative forms.


Trivia Night: Allyship, Diversity, and Inclusion

Co-hosted by Quiz Bowl, this Allyship Trivia is a test of your knowledge on questions around LGBTQ vocabulary, social movements history, feminist theories, and more.


More than Just Hashtags: A Conversation on Sexism and Sexual Assault

With the recent Harvey Weinstein stories and the following #metoo movement, more people start to realize the pervasiveness of sexual violence around the world. This event engages participants from diverse cultural and societal backgrounds in a conversation about the issue of sexual harassment and sexism in different countries, the power and limits of social media, and what actions need to be taken for a dramatic change.


Safe Zone Training

A 2 hour training session that provides a foundation of knowledge needed to practice active and effective allyship to our LGBTQI+ students/community and those questioning their sexuality or gender identity.


LGBTQ+ on Screen

Co-hosted by Queer & Ally Society, this event focuses on LGBTQ+ representation in film, television, and social media, etc., in light of the recent regulation around homosexual content online in China.


Dear White People...A Conversation on Racial Privilege

With a panel of students from different racial backgrounds, this conversation challenges all of us to confront topics around racial privilege, white supremacy, colorism and racism in different context including in Shanghai's nightlife.


“You Are Cute For ____”

Verbal and nonverbal slights, sometimes made by well-intended individuals, can convey harmful messages and oppressive ideology. This workshop not only introduces the concept of microaggressions and their impact, but encourages  the participants to come up with concrete actions to take to address microaggressions.


Get Out: Film Screening + Discussion

Funny, frightening, and thought-provoking, Get Out weaves its social critiques into a brilliantly entertaining horror thrill ride. Following the movie screening is a panel discussion on slavery, racial fetishisation, racial tension, and the minority experience.


Show Your True Glow: Closing Event

A glow-themed evening to express “who you are” and celebrate “who we are” with a fusion of music, dance and spoken word.



Walk in Her Shoes

Sexualized violence does not just affect women. It affects the men who care about them, their families, their friends, their coworkers, and their communities. “Walk in Her Shoes” is a challenge and opportunity to raise awareness about the issues of gender inequality and sexualized violence against women. Participants walk around in high heels while reading the facts and statistics about sexual violence presented on the floor stickers.


Questioning & Awakening

Participants engage in a self-reflection on the following two prompting questions, and put up their answers on the whiteboard.

  1. “Questioning” - What is a question you have around identity and diversity?

  2. “Awakening” - What is something that has taught you important things about your identities and culture? What is a moment that you felt awakened to an issue by a book/movie/music/person/place?