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High School Academy


The 2019 High School Academy has now finished. Thank you to all the students and instructors who made it a successful summer of learning and making new friends and sharing an experience of college life. The dates and schedule for 2020 High School Academy will be announced at the end of this year.

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Offered in New York since 2012 and in Shanghai since 2016, the High School Academy is composed of a series of courses that allow students to explore a wide range of career options. Our one-week courses can be taken either individually or in combination for a broader experience that allows students to explore multiple complementary subjects. These courses also give high school students  a competitive edge on their college applications by showing admissions officers that they have sought out study experiences that give them the knowledge and skills for success in a global academic world.


Click here for a complete listing of the High School Academy courses that were offered in 2019.

Please Note: Acceptance to and participation in the High School Academy program has no direct impact or influence on admission to NYU or to NYU Shanghai.

Program Eligibility

  • Applicant must be a high school student who has completed the 9th grade
  • ​​​Open to students who are citizens of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
  • Open to students living in China with a foreign passport and valid Chinese residence permit


All class interactions will take place in English. Therefore, all students need to have a high intermediate level of English proficiency. Students who do not demonstrate this level of English in the classroom risk failure or dismissal from the program. Students should be able to:

  • ​Use discussion skills to lead and participate in group projects and discussions in English
  • Express their opinion both verbally and in written form in English
  • Easily understand the main idea in messages, lectures, and presentations on a variety of topics related to personal interests and studies, and identify and understand some details

Ideal candidates will have a 3.0 (80% or equivalent) grade point average in their most recent year of school.

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Program Contact  

NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy

Phone: +86-021-2059-5963
Email: shanghai.NYUSPS.HSA@nyu.edu