COVID Visitor Program Launched for Fall Semester

Sep 9 2020

NYU Shanghai has established a new program that will enable Chinese students who are unable to travel to and study in-person at their foreign universities due to COVID-19 border restrictions to attend NYU Shanghai as visiting students this fall.

The COVID Visitor Program (“CVP”) will admit first year students who are enrolled in universities outside China to take a full load of first-year core courses as guests of NYU Shanghai’s own first year class.  Upper class students, defined as students who have completed at least one year at a university abroad, will be allowed to enroll in one in-person class at the university. 

CVP participants will be considered non-degree students by NYU Shanghai.  They will receive graded transcripts at the conclusion of the semester and are expected to confirm independently  whether these course credits will be accepted by their home universities.  Tuition will be charged at the same rate as that charged to international students.

Spaces for both first year and upper class students are extremely limited. Instructions on applying for these spots may be found here.  Applications will be accepted until 11:59 pm China Standard time on September 10.