• Zhongjian Zhao
    Zhongjian Zhao
    Associate Dean for Arts and Science

    Dr. ZHAO Zhongjian is the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences of NYU Shanghai. He is also the professor of international and comparative education of East China Normal University (ECNU) , and was the Founding Director of Global Education Center of ECNU, the Deputy Director of Institute of Curriculum and Instruction of ECNU, and the Member of National Expert Working Committee on School Curriculum and Instruction, Ministry of Education, China.

    Dr. ZHAO’s primary research arears include school leadership and management, UNESCO documents, Indian education and the comparison of education in China and India, school education in America, and comparative study of national policies on innovation. He has published dozens books and academic papers in China and submitted several research reports for UNESCO.

    ZHAO obtained his Doctor Degree of Education in 1990, and was once the Visiting Fellow of Institute of Education, University of London, UK and Fulbright Senior Research Scholar at Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, USA.