Google Apps for NYU

A number of important NYU services use Google Apps for Education. These services include NYU Email, Calendar, Groups, Drive, and Sites.

If you wish to use a mobile device (or desktop email program) to access NYU Google Apps for Education, you must set a separate Google Apps for Education password by following the instructions below.

Unlike your NetID password, your Google Apps password does not expire. Technology Services recommends that you use different passwords for your NetID password and your NYU Google Apps password. You can set or change your Google Apps password at any time.

How to Set a Google Apps for Education Password

  1. Go to the NYU Start Page.
  2. Log in with your NetID and NetID password.
  3. Click the Set an NYU Google Apps for Education Password link.
  4. Follow the instructions on that page to change your password. Your Google Apps for Education password has the same password requirements (at least eight characters, etc.) as your NetID password.
  5. Configure your mobile device (or desktop email program).

Configuration Instructions

  1. iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  2. Android devices
  3. Microsoft Outlook for Windows
  4. Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  5. Apple Mail

For a complete list of setup instructions, please visit this page.