NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai is no longer just a pioneering institution of undergraduate education. For instance,  NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) at NYU Shanghai provides courses specifically tailored to the needs of local business and academic communities in Shanghai and beyond. 

What is NYUSPS?

For more than 80 years, the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) has been providing professionally focused educational programs in New York City for those just launching their careers, as well as for those who are seasoned professionals. Students from around the world enroll in NYUSPS undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree professional programs to build the skill sets and gain the knowledge that is most relevant in the evolving global business environment. Programs are offered in growing fields that are tied to industry in New York City and across the globe.   

Now NYUSPS offers specialized programs at NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai, which include professionally focused English language courses that provide a strong foundation in the subtle nuances of English and communications. There also are courses for high school students in China who are preparing for higher education.

Why study at NYUSPS?

The NYUSPS programs at NYU Shanghai are supported by faculty members who hold terminal degrees in TESOL, applied linguistics, or in a specialized field of business or communications. Their connections to industry in China and in international markets enhance the course content, as well as the classroom experience. Course are designed for busy working professionals, providing flexible schedules with offerings during the day, evening, and on weekends.

Employees in Chinese and international companies based in Shanghai can gain a competitive edge and advance in their careers by improving their English language skills and their understanding of international business culture.

Through the NYUSPS High School Academy at NYU Shanghai, high school students in Shanghai and across China can explore career options, boost their English language skills, and strengthen their college application.

What can I study?

NYUSPS is offering a series of one-day Professional English workshops for individuals who seek to improve their communication skills with colleagues and business associates here in Shanghai and around the world. Current English course offerings are taught in varying levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

Tell us more about the English workshops.

These English-only courses range from leading successful meetings and providing excellent customer service to entertaining and socializing to how to give a great presentation.

Workshop fees are ¥925 RMB each and include a catered lunch. They are offered on Saturdays, with each workshop running from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. Additional workshops will be offered in the summer and in future semesters.

What does the High School Academy offer?

High school students can boost their communication skills by joining one of our two-week English boot camps held in July. The boot camps focus on Academic English or on English Through Popular Culture. The boot camps are part of the School’s High School Academy (HSA), which was originally launched in New York City in 2012. Now in its second year of operation in Shanghai, this summer, HSA will offer a broad range of one-week professionally focused higher education preparation courses, including Leadership, Global Finance, Web Design, Video Game Design, Tourism, Integrated Marketing, Global Affairs, The Environment and Sustainability, The Olympics, Fashion, Creative Writing, US History and Culture, Entrepreneurial Problem Solving, and Global Sports Management.

Expanding upon the success of last year’s program in Shanghai, students can participate in classes over four weeks in July. Courses are taught by NYU and NYU Shanghai faculty members. For more information, visit the High School Academy’s complete list of course offerings here. Read High School Academy student testimonials here. 

Please Note: Acceptance to and Participation in the High School Academy Program Grants No Privilege Whatsoever on Admission to NYU or to NYU Shanghai.